Wolf News

September 8, 2014

Thank you Wolf Parents!

A BIG thank you to the Wolf parents who participated last week in Achievement One. Our parents gave blood, sweat, and tears to help show the boys how to tumble, crawl, balance, throw and catch. It was crazy but the boys had fun!

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What Do I need and Where do I get it?

Cub Scout apparel and books can be found at the Cub Scout : http://www.scoutstuff.org/

Shirts, Belts, Patches and books can also be found at the Stockbridge Moye's Pharmacy: http://moyespharmacy.com/stockbridge/ (We will be earning belt loops this year so you might want to consider getting a Cub Scout belt.

Pack 447 also has books to sell, see Caroline to purchase your Wolf Book

Online Wolf Books can also be found and might be good for your tablet: http://briscoefamily.com/cubscouts/Handbook_Wolf_2033450.pdf

Talking about Money....

A few reminders-if you still owe Katie money from camping in Helen this summer, please see her on Monday to settle your account.

Full Scout dues are to be paid by the end of October. If you are not sure what you owe, please see me on Monday.

Cub/Webelos-Ree at Burt Adams-Family Camping

Saturday, Oct. 18th, 9am

218 Scout Rd

Covington, GA

Please set the date for the Weebloree Family Camping on October 18th. The day is filled with activities for the Cub Scouts and they will earn a patch for participating. Families may camp overnight as well. More details will be coming soon.

Bobcat Badge

New families need to be working on the Bobcat Trail. These are essential because Cub Scouts must earn their Bobcat Badge before they can receive their Wolf Badge. Please look through the Wolf Book pages 16-26.