Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness

Come, Discover Your Awesomeness !

Join Sebastian as he shares how we can have Awesomeness in ALL aspects of our lives.

What you will learn:

  • How to live in the Present Moment
  • THe Power of Observation
  • Engaging in Emotional Appreciation
  • Creating Relationships that Support You
  • Expressing Love
  • Engaging in Celebration and
  • Expressing Forgiveness

Sebastian will show how we can experience Awesomeness in areas of life that we previously did not think were Awesome.

One aspect of this workshop is that you look at behaviours that have previously been labeled as ‘bad habits’ and you start to rearrange them in such a way that you can start to see that they actually are great expressions of our Awesomeness.

Another aspect of his talk will be to share that happiness and joy are not the only emotions that are markers of being Awesome. He will demonstrate that through experiencing and honouring our whole range of emotions we can start to become full expressions of our Awesomeness.

Speaker: Sebastian King, Australia

Awesomeness Coach, Public Speaker and Author

I grew up in a small town called Gravenhurst in Canada. I am currently a resident of Australia living in the World Heritage Area of the Blue Mountains.I have a Post Graduate Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy and an Honours Degree in Philosophy and English Literature.

Most of my working life has been spent being involved with not-for-profit organisations. In the past few years I have worked with groups such as the Ted Noffs Foundation assisting young people with overcoming addictions, the GLOO Project assisting adults in addiction recovery and most recently Cancer Council New South Wales where I have promoted services for people affected by cancer, engaged in community outreach and run support groups for cancer patients, carers and people in bereavement.

My work and volunteer experiences have given me the opportunity to run hundreds of educational and support groups. I have also used these skills to be a public speaker engaging in advocacy, education and life coaching.

Travel is a personal passion of mine and one of the things that makes my life awesome. Twice I have been to India and on each occasion I spent 6 months there. The first time I was there as a traveller and discovered how meditation can be a liberating practice. I learned this from attending the teachings of people like Sai Baba and the Dalai Lama. On my second journey to India I worked as a volunteer Addiction Counsellor and Public Speaker for Kunphen, a Tibetan run organisation assisting Tibetans living in India with overcoming addiction and promoting healthy lifestyles to school age children.

I run a business called Discover Your Inner Awesome where I assist people with achieving their goals and dreams through discovering the awesomeness that already exists within them. In my business I run webinars and full day interactive workshops on my & Insights Into Releasing Your Inner Awesome.

I have also written a book soon to be released called: Discover Your Inner Awesome: 7 Insights To Release Your Inner Awesome

Unleash Your Inner Awesomeness with Sebastian King (Australia)

Sunday, Dec. 15th, 9am-5pm

Zorba the Buddha, 7 Tropical Drive, Near Ghitorni Metro Station, MG Road, New Delhi, India

Ticket Price - Rs 1990/- only (including, snax and beverages). Visit the event page on explara to book your ticket.

What People are saying about Sebastian?

Testimonials :

“I’ve been working alongside Sebastian over the past year and in this time have seen him develop and deliver his inspiring and life changing body of work surrounding awesomeness. Sebastian brings compassion and a sense of peacefulness to his work and his caring personality permeates through his delivery. Sebastian’s work is thought provoking and will certainly enable positive change in the lives of individuals and collectives of people.”

Kerry Grace, Director Evolve Group network

"Love Sebastian's work - insightful, and to the point"

Marion Syratt

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