joan of arc

joan of arc was a young woman who lived from 1412- 1431. shehad a very short life, she was only 19 when she died. she lived in france, she was a french war leader who lead french troops through a battle with the english. before she was famous she met the king while in a rally. she spotted the king out of hundreds of people. when she sees him she says "you are the king." then the king says " tell me a secret that only i would know." she tells him and he claims she is right.

Memorible moments.

some of joan's most memorible moments were when she was captured by the english on march 23, 1430. she dictated a threatening letter to the hussites.  When she ordered a retreat into the nearby fortifications of Compiègne after the advance of an additional force of 6,000 Burgundians, she assumed the place of honor as the last to leave the field.


her inportance was very great to king john. she was the leader of his men in war. she was a significant leader.  During the five months of siege before her arrival, the defenders of Orléans attempted only one aggressive move and that ended in disaster. On 4 May the French attacked and captured the outlying fortress of Saint Loup, which she followed on 5 May with a march to a second fortress called Saint Jean le Blanc, which was found distroyed the next day.

William the conqueror

william the conqueror was a very bad man. He  Invaded England defeated and killed his rival Harold at the Battle of Hastings and became King. The Norman conquest of England was completed by 1072 aided by the establishment of feudalism under which his followers were granted land in return for pledges of service and loyalty. King William was noted for his efficient if harsh rule.


the importance of william the conquorer was that he was relied on as a leader for his army of men. when he invaded a place he told his men what they wanted to hear. they could take whatever they wanted. after he became king the conquest was completed. that was all he wanted was to be king.

memorible moments

a few of his most memorible moments were when he invaded Anjou, Brittany, and maine. he also Defeated & killed his rival Harold at the Battle of Hastings and became King. h e also started the doomesday book. he reigned king of england from 1066-1087.

king john.

 John’s reign the loss of the greater part of his French possessions discredited him, and led to constant demands for money. Scutage, which had originally been an alternative for military service, occasionally permitted, became practically a new annual tax, while fines were exacted from individuals on many pretexts and by arbitrary means. Any sign of resistance was followed by a demand for a son as a hostage, an intensely irritating practice which continued throughout the reign.


He was important because he fought in the crusades (holy wars), but as his brother Richard is more famous when it comes to fighting in holy wars, this cant be recognised as important. What is important, but also significant to us, is his signing of the Magna Carta, a document with reduces the political power of the monarchy, and forming a powerful parliament. This is more impoertant, as our system today wouldn't be as it is without the signing.

memorible moments

some of his most memorible moments were when he claimed the throne instead of his brothers. when he lost to normandy. and when he had the war with the barons.