VCR 5 Presentation

By: Alan Islas Malanco

Fill in the blank with the correct word from lesson 5

The little chihuahua dog was so cute that it's cuteness could not be measured, therefore, it's cuteness was ____________.
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The Word



  1. Unable to be assessed or measured precisely


  1. A factor that is difficult or impossible to estimate or assess

The Word's Origins


  • imponderabilis
  • 1794 - weightless
  • 1814 - unthinkable
  • 1829 - immeasurable as in energy


  • 1400's
  • ponderosus
  • of great weight
  • full of meaning



  1. immeasurable
  2. intangible, inappreciable, inaudible... etc.
  3. minute
  4. small
  5. slight



  1. huge
  2. important
  3. thick
  4. measurable

Pick the letter of the sentence in which the vocabulary word in bold is used incorrectly.

A. The imponderable cupcakes could fit even in the hand of a small child.

B. Even with all the technology today, some things remain imponderable such as how much sunlight weighs.

C. Mount Everest's height is imponderable. We just know that it's really really tall.

D. The exact number of atoms that are in a single human being is imponderable.

The Correct Answer is...


Even though Mount Everest is very tall it is still possible to measure it, therefore, it is ponderable not imponderable