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April 16th, 2021

Newsletters for the Week of April 19th

Third Quarter Grades

You are now able to access 3rd quarter grades on the Parent Portal. If you would like a hard copy of the grade card mailed home, please contact Ms. Jo Williamson at:

590-8208 or

Upcoming at FMS

  • Just a reminder that any breakfast food/drinks from home should be finished before getting to school. There is free breakfast and lunch available to all FMS students.
  • Blankets need to stay at home.
  • Stuco Hornet Store will open this week! Wednesday mornings in room 109! It is a fundraiser for Stuco with mainly school supplies.
  • Cheer open gym for grades 7-12, April 10th and 17th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm @ FHS

  • Dance/Color Guard workshops for 8th graders, April 12th, and May 17th

  • Boys soccer meeting for 8th graders, Wednesday, April 28th, 7:50 am in the FMS gym

Ring Ring--Cellphone Updates

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Phones have been a significant problem since January. Below is the update we went over with students this week. If you have a message to get to your middle schooler, you can always call the office.

Student cell phones should be put away at all times.

  • If you have your cell phone out during class, you will be asked to bring it in the office for the remainder of the day.
  • If you refuse to turn in your phone, your parent/guardian will be called to pick up the phone (and possibly you if you are disrespectful) and it will be turned in the remainder of the week.
  • If it continues to be a problem, you will not be able to have your phone with you at school.
  • If the teacher allows you to listen to music, you can use your Chromebook.

Phones can be used:

  • at lunch
  • in the hallways during transition
  • before and after school
  • on projects with teacher approval

This begins each day at 7:50 and ends at dismissal. If a student should have to turn a phone in three times, the phone will either need to be left at home or turned in every morning the remainder of the year.

MAP Dates!

Our end of the year state testing will be:

Monday, May 3rd and 10th for our virtual students

Tuesday, May 11th-Math for 6-8th grades

Wednesday, May 12th-ELA for 6-8th grades

Thursday, May 13th-Science for 8th grade

Thank you for working to get students here each of these days. Virtual students, more information will come soon on details. Thanks!

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