About Me Project

By: Lee Lucks

2. Write a letter from Mrs. Haynes to your parents. What would your teacher say about you? What kind of student are you going to be? What strengths / areas of concern should your parents know about you? How is your behavior? Your participation?

Lee is a good student he pays attention in class, he wants to get A's in this class. He participates well with others.

3. Research your name: Where did it come from? Why were you given this name? Are you named after someone? What does your name mean? DO you go by anything other than your given name? Did your parents have any nicknames for you as a baby? Tell me everything you can about your name.

When used in the context of an Australian male,the term/name "Lee" denotes awesomeness

4. Determine 3 words you would use to describe yourself and 3 reasons why you selected those words.

Awesome, fun, and lucky I chose awesome because i like doing awesome things. I chose fun because I like doing fun things. I chose lucky because to me I am lucky and my last name is lucks so people call me lucky

6. List 3 of your favorite belongings and physically describe and explain why each is so important to you.

3 of my favorite belongings are 1 my phone, my trumpet, and my mom. My phone is important to me because I need it to call people and play games. I chose my trumpet because i love to playing in band and i dont want to lose it and not play in band. The 3rd thing i chose was my mom because she gave birth to me and she is awesome.

8. Describe 1 of your favorite smells and explain the memory it elicits.

My favorite smell is the smell of christmas such as gingerbread men, and the smell of christmas trees.

10. Find or create a positive motto for this year

My motto is do your best and youll suceed.

11. Create your own menu of the things you like to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks.

if i could make my own menus i would eat sausage, egg, and cheese mcmuffins, then for lunch i would eat pizza, then for a snack i would eat oreos, then for dinner i would eat country fried steak, then for dessert i would eat anything sweet.

15. List your 5 favorite songs.


1) Enter Sandman

2) Nothing Else Matters

3) Master of Puppets

4) Sad But True

5) One

16. Create a list of 5 goals for your life.

1) Pass high school

2) Go to college

3) Join the navy seals

4) Retire from the navy

5) Have a family

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13. Research the biggest news event from the year you were born.

300 gallons of black sludge is released into the Mississippi River causing an environmental disaster