Poverty In Indiana.

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This Is A School Project, We Are Here To Give Information To Show What Poverty Is Like In Indiana


Help the poor live a happier and healthier life for the better.

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Are Mission Is To Help People In Need, Get them Out Of Poverty.
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Poverty In IN

The Poverty Rate In Indiana 15.9%
People With Poverty Don't Have Medical Insurance

What Poverty Can Do

Poverty Can Cause Several issues like Having Hunger, Having illnesses and thirst are All causes and effects - for instance: not having water means That you Are poor And being poor also means you can't afford water and food.

All Poverty Rates

-Percent of single-parent families with related children that are below poverty: 41%

-Women in poverty: 17.0%

-Minimum Wage: $7.25

-Child poverty rate: 22%

-Senior poverty rate: 6%

-Poverty rate In Indiana: 15.9%

-Extreme poverty rate: 7.3%.

-Unemployment rate: 6.1%

-Food insecurity: 14.1%

-Low-income families that work: 31.9%

Grant County

Grant County has the highest levels of child poverty in Indiana, according to new data from the Kids Count Data Center at Indiana.

More Information

Indiana's poverty rate is increasing as more state residents have jobs. Median incomes in Indiana have fallen 12 percent since 2007. And low-income workers were hit hardest. At the same time, service employment has increased, expanding about 5 percent between 2007 and 2013, percent. Most jobs pay less than $13 per hour, according to the Indiana Institute for Working Families report.