We are Busy in October at WDES!

October, 2019

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Deputy Molinares will offer the DARE program to our 5th graders!

DARE is an acronym that stands for:

Drug Abuse Resistance Education

“The Virginia D.A.R.E Association provides research and evidence based programs through training, outreach programs and advocacy.”

WDES is very excited to have the opportunity to offer this program once again to our 5th graders. Last year, Deputy England provided this to our school. We now have another one of our SROs trained to provide this program, Deputy Molinares!

Deputy Molinares had been working with Westmoreland County Public Schools for a few years now and has worked to become formally trained to handle many things such as providing DARE instruction. Deputy Moliares is housed at W&L High School during the day, but will visit WDES when she has the opportunity to do so! Our 5th graders are participating in this program beginning in October, 2019! We send our appreciation to Deputy Molinares for putting time in at WDES in this meaningful way!

These pictures show both School Resource Officers for Westmoreland County Public Schools. Deputy England (right) and Deputy Molinares (left) are amazing and we appreciate them both!

We LOVE our Custodians!

We celebrated our amazing custodial team the week of Oct. 7, 2019. For anyone who has ever worked in a school, these folks are true heroes! They clean up messes none of us like to handle and they are kind to everyone and are always there to help out when the need arises. We want our custodians to know just how much we truly appreciate all they do each and every day! Pictured from left to right are: Paul Robbins, Patricia Jackson, and Oneal Jackson.
Paul Robbins, Patricia Jackson, and Oneal Jackson

Literacy Night at WDES on Oct. 7, 2019

There was a lot happening during Literacy Night on October 7th at Washington District! The reading team, (Mrs. Scherm, Mrs. Sullivan, and Mrs. Benson), planned and organized a camping themed event that included pretend campfires, free books for students to read with their parents by the fire and a homework pass, snacks and a wonderful performance by our 2nd graders! There was a food truck and an ice cream truck on hand for extra treats for staff and families to enjoy as well!

During this event we voted in our new PTO Leadership Team! Our new team includes:

Jazmyne Monroe McNeill - President

Amanda Mitchell - Vice President

Candice Boyd - Secretary

Congratulations to all of our winners! We really appreciate all the parents who chose to run for an office! We are very excited about what this amazing group will do for Washington District students and families!

We also had Mr. Matthew Haddaway present information. He is the project manager for the solar panel project being installed on the roof of our building.. He provided lots of great information about solar power in general as well as just how much our school benefits from these panels! They will not only pay for the new roof, but they do not cost any money to the school or the county to install! We are very excited to be a part of this amazing project! Our students are great at asking questions about this project along the way! That means we not only see financial savings and benefits from the solar panels being installed, but we also see our students learning about solar power as a bonus! A huge thank you to Sun Tribe and Commonwealth Power for working with us!

Ms. Simpson's Third Graders are Problem-Solving!

During the week of October 14th, third graders in Ms. Simpson's class were solving problems using money. They had to use the data, plan, solve, check method to show their thinking and their work while counting and comparing money. One person from each group was tasked with getting up to show their work using a document camera and explaining it to the class. They were very impressive not only with their ability to explain their thinking, but also by getting up in front of the class!
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Our WDES Annual Fire Safety Assembly!

During Fire Prevention Week, (the week of Oct. 7th), WDES worked in partnership with the Oak Grove Fire Department to provide resources and experiences to help our students learn about the importance of fire safety. We are so very thankful to have this valuable community resource! The OGFD comes each year to work with our PreK-2nd graders to help them learn about not being afraid when they see a fireman in full uniform as well as tips to stay safe in the event of a fire. Our 3rd-5th graders also received some items from this event as well. A HUGE thank you to our friends at Oak Grove Fire Department!
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Mr. Dickerson Receives an Award!

Mr. Dickerson drives bus #48 for Washington District and he was recently awarded by the School Board for his Punctuality! We appreciate Mr. Dickerson for the care he invests in the students on his bus! He keeps his bus sparkling clean and strives to always be on time! Congratulations, Mr. Dickerson! We appreciate you!