Saif Durbar

Founder and CEO of Bridge Africa Counselage

Saif Durbar

When it comes to professionalism in the workplace, not many can toz Saif Durbar’s reputation. The founder and CEO of Bridge Africa Counselage, Saif Durbar has spent many years building and cementing his reputation for matchless professionalism. Professionalism means a great deal to an upstanding businessman like Saif Durbar. It is the kind of quality the strength of which Saif Durbar would be willing to stake his reputation on. Saif Durbar’s professionalism, in fact, knows no bounds.

Traveling Through Africa with Saif Durbar

Saif Durbar is a man who has experienced the wonders of world travel. He has been able to do so, as he is a successful investor and real estate developer. Saif Durbar started out in London, England, where he lives today. However, his work has allowed him to travel to places all around the world. It has also allowed him to spend the last 20 years helping the people of Africa. Throughout that time, he has visited some incredible places that he feels everyone should see at least once in their lives. Below, he would like to present some examples of what he has seen.

Khafre’s Pyramid in Cairo

Saif Durbar says that there are many amazing pyramids to see in Cairo. However, Saif Durbar finds Khafre’s Pyramid in Cairo particularly interesting as it provides an optical illusion that makes it seem as if it is larger than it actually is.

Diamond Red Sea in Hurghada

Saif Durbar says that if you are in Hurghada, then you need to experience diving through the Diamond Red Sea. Saif Durbar says that you will get the chance to see some of the most amazing underwater shipwrecks and the most beautiful reefs.

The Great Pyramid in Giza

Saif Durbar says that if you are in Giza, then you should visit the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Cheops, more widely known as Khufu, is credited to having the largest pyramid in the entire world. Saif Durbar says that it is the largest and oldest of the pyramids in Giza.

Saif Durbar Presents England Travel Tips

Saif Durbar is an investor and real estate developer. He lives in London, England, with his family and friends, and he loves spending time in London and other areas throughout England. He often spends his free time with his family, as they travel throughout England. Below, he would like to share with you some of the more interesting places that he has seen throughout his England treks.

The London Eye in London

Saif Durbar says that the London Eye, otherwise known as the EDF Energy London Eye, is one of the most visible features of the skyline in London. Saif Durbar says that the London Eye is the tallest observation wheel in the world. It looks like a giant Ferris wheel, but Saif Durbar says that it is unlike any carnival ride that you have ever seen. In place are special capsules capable of holding up to 25 people.

John Lennon’s Home in Liverpool

Saif Durbar says that if you are a Beatles fan and you are visiting Liverpool, you must visit John Lennon’s home. It is known as Mendips, and Saif Durbar says that it provides visitors with an incredibly sentimental journey that any Beatles fan will not want to miss.

The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester

Saif Durbar says that if you are in the mood to take in a show while in Manchester, then the Royal Exchange Theatre is the place for you. Saif Durbar says that this theatre produces award-winning shows and classics from Shakespeare, Williams, Wilde, Chekhov, and more.

Saif Durbar’s Big Three: Experience, Integrity, Professionalism

Businessman, investor and philanthropist Saif Durbar is a scrupulous man. He has maintained a reputation over the years as a man with a strict moral code, a code that does not bend to anyone’s whims or desires. Asked to provide the main pillars of that code, Saif Durbar gave what he terms the “big three:” experience, integrity, and professionalism.

Experience, in this case, means careful research and earning the trust of your fellow man, says Saif Durbar. Many things can only be learned through trial and error, and hard-won experience. This value cannot be faked, according to Saif Durbar, because it can only come through living life and converting its events into experience.

Integrity is a devotion to right action that never wavers, says Saif Durbar. Integrity means doing the right thing in any given situation, never cutting ethical corners even slightly. Integrity is one of the most difficult virtues to keep, because even a tiny slip up can besmirch it. That is why Saif Durbar is so proud of his unsullied reputation for integrity.

Professionalism, in Saif Durbar’s book, means being a consummate professional in all dealings, large or small, important or mundane. A professional earns the respect of his clients and comrades through his continued competence, excellence, and devotion, day in and day out. Saif Durbar believes in the power that a professional attitude can have in influencing one’s entire worldview.

Utilizing these three traits will virtually ensure that a person is well-equipped to handle whatever challenges life brings, according to Saif Durbar.

Saif Durbar on Africa’s Business Scene

Among those with knowledge of the African business scene, few can boast the level of expertise and ear to the ground knowledge that Saif Durbar can. The multinational investor has been involved in African business markets for 20 years and counting, and has enjoyed the kind of success many business professionals only dream of. For Saif Durbar, success in the African markets has been a combination of hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence, and great communication, and he is proud of everything he has been able to accomplish during his 20 years in the business. Now heading his own consulting company, Bridge Africa, Saif Durbar is turning his talents to helping others achieve his level of success in the African markets.

Bridge Africa was founded by Saif Durbar to address a need he saw in the industry, which he foresaw he would be able to provide. It is difficult for many businesses, large or small, to break into African business markets, which can be fickle and hard to read. With his expertise and long experience, Saif Durbar was uniquely equipped with knowledge of the nuances of these markets and how best to capitalize on them. Therefore he decided to found Bridge Africa to help other companies explore new opportunities in Africa.

Thus far it has been a big success for Saif Durbar, with clients including big corporations and even some government entities. Saif Durbar knows that it is due to his expertise with regard to Africa’s business scene that he has been able to do so much good.

Saif Durbar, CEO of Bridge Africa

When Saif Durbar founded Bridge Africa, he did so with good intentions and high expectations, but even he himself is almost dumbfounded by the success the company has enjoyed in its short existence thus far. Bridge Africa, an investment consulting firm specializing in making connections to African markets, is the brainchild of Saif Durbar, its founder and CEO, and carries all the markings of his personal brand of integrity and openness. Perhaps these values help to explain the success of the company, or perhaps it is due to the company’s reliance on its own strict ethical code. Whatever the reason, Saif Durbar is proud of the achievements the company has made thus far, and has high hopes for its future.

Saif Durbar has been working with African business markets in his capacities as an international investor for 20 years and counting. During that time, he has learned many of the intricacies of the international marketplace, and particularly the African markets, putting him in a unique position to be of service to other companies looking to break into these markets. Saif Durbar, through Bridge Africa, assists corporations, enterprises and even governments through its consulting expertise to help them get into these difficult to enter markets. Saif Durbar is proud of the work his company has been doing, and hopes to continue making inroads for new business in Africa. Saif Durbar will not rest until his work is done; he is not the type of man to hang up his cleats and call it a day before the last bell has rung.

Saif Durbar Believes in Transparency

When it comes to business ethics, there are many differing opinions on what the single most important factor in maintaining high ethical standards is. But if you ask Saif Durbar, the answer is a simple one: transparency. Saif Durbar, the CEO and founder of international investment consulting firm Bridge Africa, believes strongly that transparency is key to maintaining a record of ethical scrupulousness and morality, which in turn will mean undoubted success for the company. Success, then, begins with transparency, for Saif Durbar.

Transparency means putting all your cards on the table, says Saif Durbar. Transparency means being fair and open and honest in all business dealings, big or small. Transparency means never dissembling or giving false impressions, never fudging the numbers even a little bit. Transparency, for Saif Durbar, means total honesty; it means putting it all out there for the world to see.

Transparency of this kind, by its very nature, encourages morality and scrupulousness. Fairness and honesty are natural byproducts of transparency, says Saif Durbar; they occur organically as a result of keeping an open door to the world. Saif Durbar’s investment dealings and his companies have all benefited from his stance on transparency, earning reputations as companies with high moral standards and impeccable business ethics. Saif Durbar says that this is no coincidence.

Bridge Africa prides itself on its transparency, starting from the top down. Saif Durbar keeps his company’s dealings out in the open for all to see, and as a result the company has been quite successful.

Saif Durbar Values Innovation

As CEO and founder of Bridge Africa, Saif Durbar places a great deal of faith in the value of innovation. For Saif Durbar, innovation is what keeps the world moving forward, what fuels new developments in the world, and what makes the visions of the future into a reality today. Innovation, Saif Durbar says, is like the lifeblood of business, the thing that underlies all that we do in our business lives… and in our personal lives, as well.

Bridge Africa itself came about as a result of some innovation on the part of Saif Durbar. A long-time investor with many contacts in the world of African business markets, Saif Durbar one day decided to put his talents to use in providing consulting services to companies seeking to break into these guarded markets. Thus Bridge Africa was born, and has already experienced a great deal of success in its few years of operation. According to Saif Durbar, Bridge Africa is sought by top corporations, enterprises, and even some governments for its unique ability to tap into these African business markets. Without Saif Durbar’s innovation, these markets might remain closed to those businesses. Thanks to his innovation, however, the world is becoming a more connected place.

Innovation also drives Saif Durbar’s philanthropic efforts, such as the foundation he started in order to provide educational tools to rural areas across Africa. Called the Kutamani Foundation, it too has already experienced a great deal of success in its mission, says Saif Durbar with pride.

Integrity and Openness with Saif Durbar

A man of no small opinions when it comes to moral values, investor and philanthropist Saif Durbar has two that he prizes over all others. According to the 50 year old, the two values that make both a man and a business successful are integrity and openness.

Saif Durbar has built his career on a reputation for integrity, so it comes as no surprise to learn that he values it so highly. Integrity, for Saif Durbar, means always doing the right thing no matter the personal cost, whether that cost be financial or emotional or otherwise. Integrity means having the courage to do what is right, and it can be no easy task in an increasingly unscrupulous world. Saif Durbar has carefully curated his reputation as a man of integrity, and takes great pride in that reputation. Integrity is something earned over the course of a long lifetime of high moral standards, says Saif Durbar; it is not earned overnight.

Hand in hand with integrity comes openness in Saif Durbar’s book. Openness and transparency show that you are willing to put yourself on the line, and that you have nothing to hide, whether in personal dealings or business transactions. Saif Durbar says that these two traits are what he looks for most in his dealings with clients and his relationships with others. It is possible to have one without the other, Saif Durbar says, but those who have both will be the most successful, the best equipped to deal with whatever the world hands their way.

Saif Durbar on Good Business Ethics

Founder and CEO of Bridge Africa Counselage Saif Durbar lives by a scrupulously high standard of personal ethics. He believes firmly in the value of integrity and fair dealing in one’s personal interactions. This applies equally, maybe even moreso, in Saif Durbar’s code of business ethics. Whenever dealing with clients, Saif Durbar strives to maintain his impeccable record of integrity, openness and honesty in all his dealings. This devotion to the highest ethical standards has made Saif Durbar’s name synonymous with integrity among his clients and those who know him.

A sound basis in business ethics elevates a company from good to great, in Saif Durbar’s firm belief. That is a main reason he instills in his company the same rigorous ethical standards he himself sets in his own life and in his own dealings. Saif Durbar has made an entire career out of his reputation as a man of matchless integrity and unimpeachable ethical sense. Both in his professional business dealings as a leading investor and businessman, and in his philanthropic works doing good for others, Saif Durbar has maintained throughout a reputation as a man who bends no moral fiber no matter how small. In this respect, Saif Durbar says, he is a member of a dying breed, an old school of thinking that values the high moral ground over the quick dollar. He does not lament the demise of people like himself, but if anything strives even harder to become an example to others who would follow in his footsteps.

Bridge Africa Founder Saif Durbar

London-based investor and philanthropist Saif Durbar has been doing business in Africa for a very long time. As founder and CEO of Bridge Africa, a consulting firm that specializes in helping entities looking to go into business with African markets, Saif Durbar knows what it takes to succeed in the tough marketplace. Using a combination of good business sense, expertise in the field and a matchless integrity, Saif Durbar has grown Bridge Africa into a highly successful company whose services are sought on a regular basis by some of the top corporations in the world, and even by some national governments.

Bridge Africa is the pinnacle of Saif Durbar’s business investment and consulting career. Leveraging his 20 years of experience in the African business markets, Saif Durbar’s company has a market niche that only it can fill. Companies seeking entry into the tangled world of African business markets turn to Saif Durbar for his boundless knowledge and expertise of the subject. Saif Durbar does not disappoint, using his special brand of openness and business savvy to get deals done and build lasting client relationships. Bridge Africa’s record of success thus far is proof enough that Saif Durbar’s system is a winner. Saif Durbar lives by a code of ethics that includes holding both his personal integrity and the company’s integrity up to the highest scrutiny and standards. This code means that Saif Durbar’s reputation for integrity is bar none, leading to a great deal of trust between himself and his clients. Without that trust, Saif Durbar says, business would be much more difficult, and much more unpleasant for all involved.

Kutamani Foundation Founder Saif Durbar

As founder of the Kutamani Foundation, Saif Durbar has had plenty of experience working in Africa. In fact Saif Durbar has been investing and doing philanthropic deeds in Africa for 20 years running now, and shows no signs of slowing. The Kutamani Foundation has been in operation for several years; its function, according to Saif Durbar, is to provide sustainable educational tools and practices for underprivileged youths in rural Africa, all over the continent. In its time the foundation has already proven to be a great success, improving educational facilities all over and making big changes in the level and quality of education provided to the students, says a visibly proud Saif Durbar.

Kutamani Foundation was founded by Saif Durbar on the principle that education is a right due to all humans everywhere. Saif Durbar was moved by some of the poor education conditions he saw during his time working with African businesses in his capacity as an investor. Also a born philanthropist, Saif Durbar set out to find a way to provide aid that could improve these services in a sustainable way that would continue to reap great benefits years or even generations down the line. So far Saif Durbar says the program has done just that, providing educational tools that otherwise could not be found in these rural locations across Africa.

Saif Durbar is rightfully proud of Kutamani Foundation and of his role as its founder. For Saif Durbar, the foundation is the pinnacle of his philanthropic career.

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Founder and CEO of Bridge Africa Saif Durbar has a lot of qualities in his favor, and one of the most important of those is his experience. With over 20 years of experience in African business dealings, Saif Durbar brings a wealth of knowledge and hard earned information to the table. Working with Saif Durbar, one instantly gets the sense that here is a man of immense experience. Saif Durbar values his experience and leverages it in his business dealings.