Lend A Hand

This Group Helps The Nursing Homes With A Fun Day!!!!!

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This Group Has A Quote That Is A Ready Desk Is A Ready Mind And It Gives Me The Interest To Help The Nursing Home's With A Fun Day.It Gives The People @ The Nursing Home To Have Fun With There Friends And Socialize And Enjoy Them Selves With Laughter And That's Why I Have This Group Called "Lend A Hand " .

We Meet At Glasgow Park Times Are Be Prepared

  • We Have A Website That Has All The Information About What Days We Meet The Website Is http://groupspaces.com/LendingAHand/ The Website Doesn't Have All The Information But It Would Have The Info You Would Need To Know Also There Is A Files Tab Where I Would Post All The Information That Was Given To You In The Binder That Would Be Provided To Your Child When Joins The Group.

Frequent Questions

  • What Time Is It
  • Do Parents Need To Come
  • Do We Need To Donate
  • Can We Donate
  • Can We Meet On These Days
  • If Have Any Questions Please Email Me mailto:JalenJohston06@gmail.com

We Are The Lend A Hands

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  • giving students a chance to work on a project that is too large or complex for an individual
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