The Freedom Writers Diary

By Erin Gruwell and Foreword by Zlata Filipovic

Main Characters

  • Erin Gruwell = English Teacher
  • 150 Teens


  • Gangs
  • External Conflict

Summary of Book

Erin Gruwell is an english teacher in Long Beach, California. Her students were kids who were called "unteachable". These kids are in gangs and risk their lives in a pointless war. People kill each other because they are in a different gang and sometimes because of different skin color. Erin Gruwell turned out to prove other teachers wrong by educating them. She was everybody's favorite teacher because she believed in them.


Long Beach, California

Three Significant Quotes

  • "Everybody thinks you should be happy just because you're young. They don't see the wars we fight every single day."

  • "When you die, do you think it's going to matter if you were a gangster? If you had swag? If you were dressed a certain way? You're dead and you're going to rot. And when you rot, no one is going to remember you. Because all you left behind in this world was something no one cares about."

  • "I believe that everyone has a story, and it is important that we encourage all students to tell theirs."