Mobile Apps for Mobile Learning

Apps for Education K-12


The TED app, provides easy access to TED talks and speakers from all over the world. The app would be most beneficial in a high-school setting and useful for use in the classroom and out (i.e as a homework assignment).

For example in a high-school social studies class, you might touch on nationalism in current day terms, you then might touch on Israel and Palestine, and with the TED app you could have easy and efficient access to find a video like this one

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is a app that is perfect for kindergarten students. The App is in the form of a fun and interactive game where kids learn letters, sounds, definitions, and words. An example of use in the classroom is an activity where you try and teach your student letter sounds and words, for example maybe your trying to teach you class all about K words, with Endless ABC your kids can put together T words like this one ...
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History: Maps of World

This app is good for teaching geography. Mainly in a high-school setting . For example if you were teaching students about Vietnam, you could have your students have and use this app for finding a map of Vietnam on their smartphones or iPads

Khan Academy: learn math, biology, chemistry, economics, art history and almost anything for free

The Khan Academy is an app that makes the Khan academy resources readily available. For students of all ages and subjects. For example this app could be used to help high-school students study for their chemistry final, for instance.


Is a great app for students to use when your teaching them complex math issues, that app features over 120 topics and 1000 formulas, iMathematics is a great app that can give students resources when they need them, like at home doing their trigonometry homework