Lab Safety

By: Tyree Lee

Clothing: Opened toed shoes

  • If you are to use acid or any chemicals at all; If it was to get on your feet then expect the worse to happen to your toes.

  • Also glass could cut your feet too. It would be a bloody mess.

  • Keep your shoes closed toed.

Heating Substances

  • When heating a substance in an test tube. You want to first make sure you have on your safety gloves, lab apron, safety goggles and using test tube holders.

  • Next as your holding the test tube over the flame, you want to tilt it not to far but just right away from you and any others around you just in case of liquid popping out.

Clothing: Having Your Hair Tied Back

  • It's always good to have long hair tied back to keep away from the flames and out of chemicals that can affect your hair in any type of way.

Rules: No Horse Playing

  • There is to be no horse playing unless you want disciplinary action. Horse playing in the lab can lead to serious injury.
  • You could be play fighting around some acid and knock it over on someone. Now they have 3rd degree burn or worse.

Accidents and Injuries

  • If you are to knock glass over; Immediately tell the teacher. She should clean it or direct you to cleaning it up.
  • If you are injured in any form or fashion, tell the teacher immediately. She should guide you into what to do next. If you get chemicals in your eyes go to the eye wash station and sit there washing your eyes out for at least 20 minutes.