Higher Level Thinking Skills

My journey to voice Higher Standards for our students

Mrs. Heather Gauck

Special Education Resource Teacher K-3 since 1995

Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Pushing Higher Level Thinking Skills through creating with technology.

Aiming for the Top of Bloom's Taxonomy by Creating with Technology

Gathered here are a few of the ways I have implemented technology to push my students towards success~

Monthly iPad Professional Development for District

This year we offered monthly 1 hour sessions on how to integrate iPads in the classroom for all levels and staff roles. It was a bit tricky to target such a wide range but we did so by keeping this running Google Document. It was strictly optional so numbers were low at the beginning but picked up towards the end when educators had to fill in their required hours. We are continuing to work on how to improve these sessions.
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Teach to Lead Boston Summit

Attending the Boston Summit allowed me to work on the idea of creating a Professional Development Web Site to share what has taken me 4 years to gather. It is still a work in progress and will continue to change and improve as it is created.

Future Michigan Summit

After attending the Boston Summit we felt that this would be a great thing to replicate back in our state of Michigan. We pitched our idea at an Idea Slam which had educators voting and won. We now have $1,000 of seed money provided to begin our state Summit. This has helped us be more motivated to work at creating partnerships and create this incredible professional development weekend for educators through out the state.
Here is the link to show what the ShiftMich Idea Slam was like....
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Michigan Voice Educator Fellowship

By becoming one of the 50 Michigan Educators to be picked as a Fellow I gained many opportunities~ The following links show many resources that support educators and parents alike.