Peak Experience

The business that gets you to the summit

Our climbing peperation

In order to get the right condition for climbing the tallest place on earth; Mt. Everest, you will need to be in the best condition possible. Some sources of training is swimming, weight lifting, or running. But on Everest there is anticipation of weight loss; so if you are already fit try to gain a little weight. The prices of a standard climb is about 30,000 to 85,000 dollars.

The climate of Everest

Everest can be very cold, -14 degrees is average temperature on this mountain that can causing people to have frost bite. Everest rising temperatures can cause avalanches that can kill many people. Also during the night temperatures drop that can snow storms. During your climb you will most likely experience high winds that can blow up to 175 mph.

Holly Angelo's Report

Hello my name is Holly Angelo and i'm on Everest i made it to camp 3 and i came back down. My experience in climbing up to camp 3 was amazing I meet a lot of good people who help me go all the way up. and right now there are two boys trying to get up to the summit there both 14 and there name are peak and sun-Jo. Peak is the youngest one by 6 days sun-Jo is older.