Strategy of the Week

April 8, 2016

Entry and Exit Tickets

How do you know what your students are learning? Two words - formative assessment. It seems that this is a term that is unclear for many, so let's start there.

What it isn't: Formative assessment is not just another test. It isn't graded. It isn't more


What it is: A way to measure whether or not students are learning and achieving

mastery with standards.

So here's an easy way to incorporate formative assessment: Entry and Exit tickets.

An Entry ticket focuses student attention on the day's topic or accesses background knowledge they need for the daily lesson.

An Exit ticket collects feedback on students' understanding at the end of a class and provides students with an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned.

Exit Tickets


There are so many types of exit tickets that you can use for summarization of a lesson or formative assessment, but here are just a few. Feel free to use these as well as share others! In addition, I have a library of different entry and exit tickets. If you want to see some different samples, let me know!

Just Give It a Try

Any way you do it, entry and exit tickets are a great way to formatively assess your students without making any "heavy" moves.