Grade 6 Extended News Letter

Term 3- Week 3

Virtue of the Week : Determination

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House teams, ring pull collection.

Yet another fantastic week for Grade 6! Such commitment and perseverance being shown , for this worthwhile cause. You are doing really well guys but let's keep going. Only a few weeks left to go. Lets keep pushing for the finishing line!
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Back to old school, mental maths methods for us this week! :)

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Investigating Angles!

The Grade 6 children started angles with activities like investigations and estimations. They investigated how to derive the size of an angle with just a ruler and they estimated the size of an angle by acting out.

In order to find the unknown angles in a geometrical figure, the children need to recall a few properties of angles. The properties are listed below. The children are encouraged to annotate the measurements that represent the various angles so as to allow them to visualise better.

Properties to remember:

1) The sum of angles on a straight line is 180⁰.

2) The sum of angles at a point is 360⁰.

3) Vertically opposite angles are equal.

4) Isosceles and equilateral triangle.

5) Diagonal angles in a parallelogram and a rhombus are equal.

6) Two angles (adjacent angles) between a pair of parallel line make up 180⁰.


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Refugee Poems

Having captured our thoughts and feeling in our poems last week, we moved onto creating our podcasts for the poems. We used the Adobe Voice application on the iPads, to record our voice at first and then added specific images to further convey our messages. At first the recording sounded easy but we were then asked to think about the our tone of voice, the speed at which we read and additional sound effects we wanted to capture, to further enhance our the quality of our recordings.

We had a lot of fun making our recordings, especially as we were trusted to find peaceful areas around the school where we could make the recording, without background interference. We look forward to sharing these with you during our Celebration of Learning.

We bring you even more off our fantastic poems, brought to you this week by: Lia, Kristine and Adam

Collaborative write: Lia Slater and Kristine Lim

Here I stand

I had a family, friends, an identity,

Now I am unanimous.

I see the destruction along every speck of ground,

Bloody limbs scattered everywhere.

Old men sit on piles of rubble.

The faint mumble of a prayer, while I wait for miracle,

Man-made fires snatching people’s lives away,

No funerals no mourning.

People having to move out to survive,

Tanks crunched over corpses that survived fires but not guns,

I stand helpless, unanimous.

Here I stand.

The world frantically spins around me,

Victims screaming for aid, but I’m helpless.

Missiles whistling through weak bodies then suddenly,

Monstrous explosions of fear shake our once laughing city.

Children cry in despair,

as their parents slowly die under suffocating rubble.

Here I stand.

I’m helpless, everyone is dying,

My dreams have been bombed beyond repair.

I’m craving the taste of freedom and safety on my dry tongue.

Why is god punishing me?

Have I done something wrong?

Kill me now; This life is not worth living.

Who do I help?

Here I stand, unknown

Collaborative write: Adam Yee

Here I stand

I hear the bullets whistling through bodies,

Then suddenly loud, blasting explosions.

Isolated, hearing blood curdling screams,

Here I stand.

I see the army men storming in hitting people ferociously,

I see the tanks demolishing our homes.

People running wildly,

Here I stand.

Kill me! I hope you do!

Do I have to live through yet another day?

Thus the missile replies “Yes you do.”

Here I stand; unknown.

IPC: Migration- The story of us all

Geography -Week 2

Earthquake : Massive 7.9 Earthquake strikes Kathmandu, Nepal and shakes Mt Everest (Apr 25, 2015)

This week in IPC we have been investigating other push factor which cause migration. Now was our turn to focus our attention on natural disasters. In small groups we used a variety of resources to investigate disasters which took place through history, looking for key information relating to need for migration.Having gathered this information, we set about communicating the details we had gathered. As part of our Key learning goals for this term we had to communicate out geographical knowledge in a different way, so we decided to produce short news reports.

The recent tragedy which occurred in Nepal sparked many conversations about the need for people to migrate . We watched very current news reports from SkyNews, to help us not only gather information but also demonstrate how the news is read.


-for showing such patience, kindness and flexibility, when supporting other members of the class, with his excellent knowledge of ICT. Thank you Jack!
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Grade 6 A Musical Reflection

We have been looking at Structure in Music and how every good piece of music has a form and "hooks" that holds the attention of the listener.

Every Grade 6 pupil is to spend 10 minutes to reflect on a piece of music and to describe in words or graphically, what they have discovered the structure of their piece to be. Well done to those who have already attempted this musical reflection. You might want to try another piece. This exercise makes listening more meaningful and draws you away from the performer onto the music.

Mr. Tan

Founder's Day - May 15th

It is on this day we remember the work done by St John Baptiste de La Salle in educating the children of the poor and establishing a Catholic Brotherhood.

As we did last year, Catholic children in the Upper Elementary School will attend a Mass with the High School at 8.30am at the Indoor Sports Hall. An assembly will follow Mass where all the children in the Middle Years and Upper Elementary School will join the HS. Some of our Grade 2 children will be performing.

Key Dates

Labour Day - Friday May 1st (Holiday)

Founders Day - Friday 15th (School finishes at 12.20 pm)

Class Buddy Pick for Accelerated Group - Wednesday May 27th

UES Sports and Games Afternoon in High School - Friday May 29th

UES End of Year Mathematics Examination - Friday June 5th

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Grade 6 Migration Exit Point...will be on Wednesday June 10th at 8.15 am. Please do join us for our final Celebration of Learning!

End of School Year - Friday June 12th at 12.20pm


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Writer's Notebook

The children have a picture from a moment in history depicting mass migration. Over the next two weeks we would like the children to create images and words which they associate with the picture. Next, consider all the writing genres they could use to communicate their ideas and finally write their piece about their interpretation of the picture.

IPC - Mantle of the Expert History Project

Over the next two weeks we would like you to choose two great migration stories from the past. You can go to 1290 BCE and the Jewish people leaving Egypt, travel to 1788 and learn more about the Slave Trade. Maybe there is an interesting Migration Story from your Home or Host country which you would like to investigate and share with the class.

LO—to be able to describe how the history of one country effects another

Success Criteria

Map of the journey traveled with a key

What were the Push and Pull factors involved?

Transportation and life aboard ship (The Middle Passage)

How were the new migrants treated on their arrival?

Name 5 Famous Migrant Children (e.g. President John F. Kennedy was the Grandson of a Irish immigrant from the Potato Famine)

3-5 Impacts on the country they went to—then and today

5 Amazing Facts about this Migration Story

You may communicate your research in a method of your choice, (eg PowerPoint, booklet, poster, etc.) The hand in date is May 14th.

Spelling and Word Level Work - Monday