Are You Pawsitively Sure


The Hunting Stops Here.

Do you or someone you know have a cat? A cat is an animal that can be found in the wild or can be a house pet. In this book you can learn more about cats. You may think cats are not cool because they are not as popular as dogs, but once you educate yourself, you will see how wrong you are. Cats may not be as friendly or obedient as dogs, but they are cuddly. In this book you can learn about the different types of cats, how to take care of a cat, and much more. You can also learn what kinds of things cats like. This book will help you make decisions such as whether to keep your cat indoors or allow it to go outdoors. To make intelligent decisions about caring for your cat or deciding whether a cat is the right pet for you, read this book.

Who Is This?

This lovable cat, Star, belongs to the author: Cally Stannard. Cally adopted Star when she was nine months old from the Elmbrook Humane Society in Wisconsin. Star now lives with Cally and her family in Merton, Wisconsin.