Transition Updates and Reminders

by Robin Yuede

Present Level - Formal and Informal Transition Assessments Examples....

Click on the link to see four different examples of information that could be contained in the "Formal and Informal Age Appropriate Transition Assessment" section of the Present level.

Inviting Outside Agencies

Please remember that outside agencies must be invited to all junior/senior IEP meetings and sophomores who are 16. You can always invite an outside agency earlier if you feel it is appropriate. Release of Information forms must be signed before each meeting or at the beginning of the meeting if parent gives permission and it is documented in the Parent Contact log.!2315&authkey=!ADq8OhA-SVqXzRI&ithint=file%2cdoc

Let's meet your outside agencies.

DVR Update

Uncertain about when to refer a student to Division of Vocational Rehabilitation? Click on the link below and refer to the flow chart. When in doubt, ask.

Do you have Juniors who need a summer job? Who need some supervised work experience? DVR is now accepting applications for their summer work program. Please request a DVR application and let them know you have a student who is interested in working. Spots are limited in the program.

ACT Accommodations

ACT accommodations should start being listed on IEP's starting no later than Sophomore year. Yes, you can also list them for freshman.

Key Points:

  • When submitting ACT accommodations requests - Forms D, E, and F are required.
  • A current evaluation report with testing is also required. (If the last report was a sustain, both reports will be sent.)
  • Any medical identification requires a doctor's note!

Robin Yuede - District Transition Specialist