What To Visit Along The Nile River

By: Emmali Zimmerman

Come Check Out All Of These Locations Along The Nile River!

Aswan High Dam

When you visit the Nile River don't forget to stop here at the Aswan High Dam. It was completed between 1960 and 1970. While touring the Nile when you hit Aswan, Egypt you know you're at the right place to find the Aswan High Dam. The dam was built to prevent flooding, generate hydroelectric power, and protect the farmers crops along the Nile River. This dam does use turbines to create the hydroelectric power. It is a non polluting water structure. The only type of animal species that it reduces is fish. Remember when visiting the Nile River also visit the Aswan High Dam.
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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a large area on the Nile River. The lake has many grasses and weeds growing around it. The weeds that are around Lake Victoria may fall into the Nile as it is flowing along. From the lake a river flows from the north side. Lake Victoria is the main source of the White Nile. Lake Victoria is a great place so don't forget to visit it when you go and visit the Nile River.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt is a giant city which the Nile Rivers runs right through the middle of. The only problem with this is that the pollution from the whole city such as sewage and industrial waste goes into the river creating a polluted Nile. It takes 600 miles after the Nile River reaches the Aswan High Dam to finally reach Cairo. This city is one of the largest cities in the whole world. Cairo gets most of its water the Nile River. When visiting the Nile also come here to Cairo, Egypt and stay a few days to visit only some of Cairo, Egypt.
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The Nile Delta

The Nile Delta is a great interesting place to visit. It is a huge body of water with some grassy areas and a lake that runs into it. Some parts of the land can fall into the Nile River from the delta and stay there flowing throughout the rest of the Nile River. The Nile Delta is a triangular shaped delta. At its widest point it is 155 miles long. This delta produces much a Egypt's food. The delta made the Nile split into seven different channels but now only two channels remain. Remember to come check out the The Nile Delta when you are checking out the Nile River.
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