teacup yorkshire terriers

aka yorkies


If a yorkie lives in a warm climate they will be inside most of the time.When they are outside they need to be in the shadows alot of the time and drink lots of water.If you do live in a warm

climate it probably doesn't matter much because, since Yorkie's are pretty much indoor dogs, they would be fine as long as the air conditioning doesn't brake.


yorkies were first bred in Yorkshire London.People originally made yorkies to hunt rats.Then they became sort of fashion statements.Women would carry them under there arm or up thier sleeve or sometimes in there purse.They would also use them as lap dogs when it would get cold.Today they are really popular in America and England.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts are:

*Hight-generally 8 to 9 inches tall at the shoulder

*Weight-generally 4 to 6 pounds

*Life Span-12 to 16 years