Mesopotamia Achievments

By: Nicole Goshorn

The first wheel

Invented the wheel similar to the one we use today

  • Helped with transportation and carrying weight in ancient Mesopotamia
  • We still use wheels today to transport and move items that are big or heavy
  • Important because we use wheels everyday, and use them on many things


Earliest writing was based on pictograms – used to communicate basic information about crops and takes

  • First type of writing the Mesopotamian's used
  • Still impacts us today because we still use pictures to communicate sometimes
  • Important because until writing was invented, was the first kind of communication they used


Farming brought people together, during harvest season everyone was made to gather crops together

  • Impacted ancient Mesopotamia by making harvest easier and faster, and gathering people together
  • Impacts us today because harvest season still brings people together, and family and friends help with harvesting
  • Important to Mesopotamia because harvest was easier and faster with all of the help

Farmers raised grain, fruits, and vegetables

  • Impacted Mesopotamia because that's what most people would eat, and every meal was made from these crops
  • Impacts us today because we use some of the same methods of farming, and still grow those crops
  • Important because it's what many people made a living off of, and supplied food for the community


Built out of mud brick

  • Would dry mud and use them as bricks to build buildings
  • houses and Ziggurats were made out of this
  • Impacts us today because it helped us develop concrete bricks that we build with


An Asu - (physician) Was a specialist in herbal remedies, and would treat wounds

  • Would cure diseases and heal wounds in Mesopatamia
  • Is similar to what a doctor still does today


Toys have been found such as sling shots, bows and arrows, boomerangs, and throw sticks

  • Is what Mesopotamian's would use to have fun and entertain themselves
  • We still use the same toys today for the same reason

Boxing and wrestling were depicted in art

  • Mesopotamian's would box or wrestle for fun, or competitively
  • The sports are still played today