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By Bianca Leal

Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis was born in Rome, Italy on August 22, 1970. She moves to the states at the age of 7. Her parents are Alex De Benedetti (father), Veronica De Laurentiis (mother). She's married to Todd Thompson and they have a daughter, Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson. They later ended there 12 year marriage
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Education / Employment.

Giada graduated from Marymount High School. She graduated with a degree on Anthropology at UCLA. She later followed her heart and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts at Le Cordin Bleu. She then started working at The Ritz Carlton Fine Dining Room and Wolfgang Puck's Spago.

Restaurants / Business owned

Giada De Laurentiis then Branched out and oped her own catering business called GDL Foods. Her main cooking style is Italian. She also managed herself as a food stylist. Giada also joined with Target to sell her food line and her kitchen tools.

Books / Television Show

De Laurentiis then started her career on the Food Network and in 2003, She starred in her half-hour show called Everyday Italian. In 2005, her companion cookbook became a hit as well.

She also landed on the best sellers list 2006 with Giada's Family Dinners and 2007's Everyday Pasta: Favorite Pasta Recipes for Every Occasion.

Also in 2007, She had a show called, Giada's Weekend Getaways.

Giada the branched out and became a judge/mentor in Next Food Network Star.

In 2010, she started a new series, Giada at Home and launched a successful book with the same title.


She won a Daytime Emmy in 2008 for Outstanding lifestyle Host in her show Everyday Italian.

She was also nominated 3 times for;

  • Outstanding Culinary Host (2014)
  • Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Host (2010,2012)
She also won a Gracie Allen award for Outstanding Host - Lifestyle in 2012.

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