Once Upon A Marigold

by: Jean Ferris

Book Summary

Christian is a boy that got adopted by a troll named Edric. Edric lives in a cave made our of crystal in the middle of a forest. Christian grows up lliving the life of a troll and has no manners. he goes around looking for scraps and invents contraptions from things left behind on the road to the forest.

One of the things he makes is a telescope. Christian enjoys watching the people that live in the castle walk across the river with his telescope. As he gets older, Christian becomes curious about what goes outside of the forest because this is all he's ever known his whole life. He now wants to be a part of the outside world like everyone else he sees. One day, Christian asks Edric if he can leave the cave so that he can find a job at the castle. Eventually, Christian finds a job helping the castle housekeeper. Before Christian had gotten out of the forest, he had been watching Princess Marigold through the telescope he had made.While cleaning one day, Princess Marigold walked past him and he was just so hypnotized by her. Every day when Christian went to work, he looked forward to seeing the beautiful princess. She is the first girl that Christian has a crush on, so he finds her quite enchanting. She enjoys the simple things in life like reading, telling awful jokes, long walks, and playing with her dogs. She is very lonely however, because someone put a cure on her when she was born. Marigold can read anyone's mind that touches her. No one in the village dare touches her, no one even wants anything to do with her; Except Christian is not afraid of this actually thinks that Marigold is interesting and he wants to learn more about her, he just thinks she is simple and charming. But he is too shy to talk till her. He wants to say something to her badly but he never builds up enough courage to. Soon, Marigold will be getting g married, because her mother wants her to take over the kingdom. After a while, Christian becomes upset because everyday he sees Marigold with a man that has more money than he does and they all want to marry Marigold, so she could easily choose one of them and Christian would never get a chance with her. Eventually Marigold and Christian talk a little bit mire and more everyday and Marigold tells Christian the things that should looks for in a husband and Christian suspects that she is talking about him. One day, Queen Olympia finds out that Marigold and Christian are friends and lied and said that Christian was plotting against the royal family, so she has him thrown in the dungeon. In the end, Marigold finally finds a husband that is not Christian . While Marigold is walking down the aisle about to get married, Christian swoops in on a flying machine that he invented and saved the princess.Marigold and Chris got married and found out that they had the same birthday. This made Marigolds mother very very angry. A little while later, Queen Olympia fell into a river and was washed away and no one ever saw her again. Marigold found out that she was not her mother, just a woman who somewhat adopted Marigold because she didn't want to have children of her own because she was afraid of getting fat. In the end, Christian and Marigold live happily ever after.