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June 12, 2016

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, Every Story Matters to God!

  • Kids: 768

  • First Timers: 31

  • Volunteers: 236

Dive In & Move Up was a hit last Sunday! Never underestimate the power of FUN for kids. New series are fun. Toys are fun. But the most fun that kids have on Sundays is with you because YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN! A mom stopped into the church offices today to let me know how her daughter has talked about how fun KidSpring was every single day this week and that they can't miss this Sunday! Not only does the fun you create have kids coming back to church, but it has them dragging their parents back to church too!

Volunteer Devotion for Week 2 of Dive In

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KidSpring Moves to Hall 2- June 26 Only!

For one Sunday only, we're going to be in a different area of the TD Convention Center- Hall 2. You can find the layout & parking information below! There are TWO big things that you can do to set kids & families up to win on this Sunday:

  1. Serve!! Change can make kids uncertain & nervous. But, when they see the familiar faces of people that love them and are with them week after week, it makes them feel like it's their normal KidSpring experience!
  2. Help Load In! We're moving all of KidSpring across the building! We'd love your help to be able to set rooms & environments up to be as fun & safe as they normally are. We'll be loading in on Thursday, June 23rd from 4:00-8:00. If you're available for any of that time we'd love to have you. You can let us know you're coming HERE so we can get dinner for you!
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This Week in KidSpring

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"Dive In" Song Training

PS Song_Dive In_Motion Training

"Dive In" Song

DI_PS_Song_Dive In

"Follow Me" Song Training

PS Song_Follow Me_Motion Training

"Follow Me" Song

DI_PS_Song_Follow Me


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"You're Alive" Worship Song

Di_ES_Song_You're Alive