Edison Arantes do Nascimento

Famous soccer player aslo known as Pele

About Pele

Pele is a retired famous soccer player and he is well known for his soccer skills. Pele was born on October 23, 1940. He currently is 75. Pele is from Tres Coracoes, Brazil.

Challenges faced

Some challenge's Pele had was that when he was growing up his parents were very poor and couldn't give Pele an actual soccer ball or a lot of things. Pele started to get interested of soccer. He couldn't get a soccer ball so when he used instead was a sock with some rags in it and used that as a soccer ball. While he was recruited in the Brazil national team he had an injury in the finals and couldn't play and because of that, they lost the game. The same thing also happened when he was injured they were playing the first game of the world cup and they lost again because their star player was injured.

Things Pele has done to the world

Well, first of all, he grew up poor and couldn't even afford a soccer ball but that didn't stop him from playing soccer. So his solution was to make his own soccer ball with socks and rags. So even though he was living like that, that didn't stop him from doing something he wanted to do. That can inspire some kids who lived like Pepe to not give up on their dreams and do whatever it takes to accomplish the dream. Some soccer players didn't have the perfect life you would think they had and Pepe was one of them and he inspired some people to play or do anything without that letting you crush you and stop your dreams becoming real.

5 interesting facts

  • Pele was offered in many teams including the Brazil national team and Barcelona
  • He made 1,281 goals in 1,363 games
  • He was awarded The International Peace award for being a good fair soccer player
  • He had retired one time and then he was convinced to come back and play again
  • He led his team to victory on the World Cup scoring 3 goals.

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