Piotr Ilych Tchaikovskiy 1840-1893

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Early Years

Piotr Tchaikovsky grew up in a mansion in the town of Votkinsk. He was born on May 7. 1840. Ilya Petrovich, Piotr's dad was a very influential citizen in Votkinsk. He was a magistrate and lived in a huge estate with a lot of serfs working for him. He had a private army of 100 Cossack's! Alexandra, Piotr's mother was married at only 20 years old after the death of Ilya's first wife. She was Ilya's second wife. It was Alexandra who brought music into the Tchaikovsky family, she hosted musical soirees in their home. Piotr loved his mother, but sadly for him, she portrayed herself as a cold and distant person. She was selfish, concerned about her placement in Votkinsk society and never showed any sort of affection to her kids. She hated her life and wanted to return to St. Petersburg. Piotr had a half-sister, Zinaida, who was the daughter of Ilya and his first wife, and older brother, Nikolay, a younger sister Alexandra whom he adored and was going to be a important part of his life, twin brothers, Modest and Anatol, whom he also shared a close relationship with, and a younger brother named Ippolit.

Where he grew up+FUN FACTS!!!!!

Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers

Waltz of the Flowers

The “Waltz of the Flowers” (1892) is music from the part 2 of The Nutcracker, a ballet made by Tchaikovsky. Tchaikovsky told his musician friends, he was working on a wonderful ballet called The Nutcracker. Even the famous, Walt Disney Studios animated the waltz for the movie Fantasia.

10 Best Songs

1) Andantino Simplice

2) Scherzo

3) Andante Cantabile

4) Andantino Marziale

5) Andante In Modo Di Canzona

6) Romeo And Juliet Fantasy Overture

7) Ode to Joy

8) Waltz Of The Flowers

9) 1812 Overture

10) Panorama


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