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We look forward to a new season of Friday Night Lights in Deer Creek! The safety of our students, staff and families at Deer Creek events is our top priority, and we need your help to ensure that our Friday night home football games are a safe and enjoyable experience for our entire community. In order for us to provide a safe environment as well as support our team with that Antler spirit, we need all attendees to adhere to the following rules and expectations:

  1. Students in PK – 8th grade must have a parent in attendance at the game and will not be allowed to enter the gate without an adult.

  2. To ensure that all spectators can access the concession stand, food trucks, and restrooms safely and efficiently:

    1. Loitering and horseplay are not allowed on the grounds.

    2. Students in grades PK – 6th grade must sit with their families in the stands.

    3. Middle school students need to also sit in the stands.

    4. High School students will sit in their reserved student section in the stands.

  3. All children ages 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult to the restroom, food trucks and concession stand.

  4. The baseball field as well as areas under the bleachers and behind the multisport building are off limits. Deer Creek Students/Fans should remain on the Home (Pressbox) side of the stadium.

  5. Prohibited items within the stadium:

    1. Outside Food and Drink

    2. Student Backpacks

    3. Footballs

  6. Running in the stands, throwing objects from the stands, jumping off the side stairwells and fencing around the stands, etc. are prohibited and will result in immediate dismissal from the event. Serious injuries can occur.

  7. All DCHS students must be picked up within 20 minutes of the end of the game or may forfeit their right to attend future games. (PK - 8th should already be with a family and thus have a ride home immediately after the game.)

  8. All fans are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship before, during, and after the game. Unsportsmanlike behavior can jeopardize the season for our sports teams. Anyone not exhibiting sportsmanlike behavior will be removed from the game.

We are anticipating large crowds at our home football games, and it takes all of us working together to keep everyone safe. Deer Creek cannot guarantee everyone’s safety, especially that of younger students that are not properly supervised at games by their families. Each of the rules stated above stems from serious injuries and/or safety issues that have occurred in the past. We thank you for your assistance, support, and understanding. GO CREEK!

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If you are interested in purchasing Popcorn for your child, click on the link below. This helps support our Library while providing a yummy snack for your child.


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We have three remote days this year in which kiddos will not come to school, however, they will still have assignments to be completed at home on these days. Please read through the following information to help guide you on these days.

Your child's teacher will prepare him/her for the work to be completed at home. Homework will be of a review and practice nature so students are able to work independently. The work will also be reduced from the normal work students do in the classroom. We will not be providing Zoom's on Remote days as all staff will be in meetings and trainings on these days.

Students must complete the work to be counted present on these days. Any child that has not completed assignments will be marked absent.


Friday, September 2

Friday, November 18

Friday, February 17

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The money PTO raised last year has provided us the funds to purchase four heavy duty storage bins for the Kindy and main playground. In addition, we were able to purchase giant lincoln logs, legos, magna tiles, balancing toys, and playground balls.

We appreciate your support!!!

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Birthday Invitations & Parties

Please do not hand out party invitations unless every child in the class is invited. Birthday parties at school are not allowed. Please do not have gifts, flowers, or balloons delivered to your child, at school, for special occasions. Transportation will not allow any gifts, flowers, or balloons on the bus after school.

**BIRTHDAY SNACKS - must be store bought and a simple bite size snack. Please do not send any other birthday type items (candles, balloons, favors, hats, etc.) as this is just a snack to honor the birthday child. Snack items are not allowed on the bus per transportation rules.


In an effort to provide additional protection of students and staff, we have made District wide changes for visitors. However, we are excited to have volunteer help back in our buildings this year (with Background checks). Please see below for specific information.

  • Visitors will not be allowed to eat lunch with students on campus. For special occasions, parents will be encouraged to check their children out for lunch and recess. This safety procedure is remaining in place in order to reduce the level of visitor traffic in the building.

  • Families will be allowed to attend school day assemblies on an "invitation" basis. Your child's teacher will call you when he/she is being recognized so you can join us for Friday Celebration.

  • Volunteers are welcome back to school sites but will still be required to complete a background check. This includes Deer Moms, Watch D.O.G.S., Library volunteers, PTO.

  • Families will be allowed to attend class parties on designated party days.

  • Birthday treats will be allowed. Treats must be store-bought (not made from home), individually pre-portioned (no cakes, pies, ice cream cakes). Any treats must comply with any classroom food allergies, as we have an increase in children with severe food allergies.

  • In an effort to reduce congestion and provide a safer environment for everyone, we will continue with our normal Arrival/Dismissal procedures. Arrival and Dismissal will consist of Bus, Daycare, or Car Rider. Walkers are only for the children who live in the adjoining neighborhood.

  • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ONLY - Parents will be allowed to walk your child up to the front door.

Again, these changes have been made in an effort to increase student and staff safety while at school.



Please take a look at the following link to answer any other questions you may have about transportation:


Also, please be sure to review the rules and regulations for riding the school bus. We want our students and bus drivers to have the best and safest experience possible!


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“The Deer Creek School District has made arrangements to offer Student Accident Insurance for all students from K&K Insurance Group. We make this coverage available to parents for their children who are students enrolled in our schools. The Deer Creek School District does not provide insurance coverage or medical reimbursements to parents for injuries that occur during school, including those incurred during gym classes, recess, etc.

While this coverage is optional, it is important that you review the coverage options available to you and consider purchasing this coverage, especially if your family has health insurance with a high co-payment for doctor and emergency visits, or a high-deductible plan, etc. Go to the link below for the application and additional information.