by: Lanie Dzmura

where did the kiowa live? and where did they live in?

near the pan handle, this includes north east new mexico and also western oklahoma.

they also lived in tepees.

what kind of food kiowa ate? and how did they obtain it?

they ate bufflo meat. they also ate roots and berrys if they found them.

the men hunted while the women collected berrys and rooots, the men hunted with bows and arrows. bows and arrows were also used in war.

what are some special triditions and religoins?

they're religon is based on a sacred power. the power is said to be more powerful then the prey. the way people got it was through visons.

what wepons and tools did they use?

they used bows and arrows for both hunting and also for war. they also used knifes,spears, and lances.

what was the orginization of the kiowa leadership?

there was the social and political orginization. there was also social control and also conflict. the social ranksn reflected things,the politcal was for finding new cheifs anf the social controll was for controlling the power and everything.

the conflitct was for deaths and also for peace.

where are they now? and what is a intresting fact?

they are living in a reservation in oklahoma.

an intresting fact is commanche was a ally to the kiowa.

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