The Story of Colombia "Out of War"


Her cousin wanted to join the armed forces so he could support his family. Farlis convinced him to not go to otherwise he would be able to talk to anyone in his family. He ended up working at a banana plantation, he was talked out of it.

Why Farlis Decided To Fight For Peace

She decided to fight for peace because a war had lasted so long and the people were waiting for peace to come its self, but no one would work for so he decided to join and help progress the help to make peace in colombia.


Her father worked at a banana plantation as well and they lived close to it. Her mom ran a small business from home selling soft drinks and snacks. They lived in a small adobe with a tin roof and a dusty compound. There are four people in his family with Farlis being the oldest at the age of 19, then his brother Obier, and his two sisters Elis and Yeleny. Grew up like any other farm kids, playing in fields and swimming in the tank that they washed their bananas in.


She got to school by riding on the back of a banana truck. When something happened outside of school no one said anything to anyone about what happened. She was given the silent treatment when he was 11 years old. She choose to to be silent when her friends were arguing, so he stayed out of it. She liked to talk to talk about her feelings and problems in school with her Spanish teacher, since her brother left the farm.


It doesn't seen like it is a great place to be or to live. The houses are made of tin and other types of cheep items.

The Beginning


One day At a party most of the guests were killed. The person who was at the party who worked for the army. He was being targeted for the attack. Hermoms friend who was their made it out ok. Seventeen members of the government were also attacked. A friend of his dad was killed on a bus.

The vote

The kids voted that people should fight with peace instead of fighting with guns and other weapons. They' re hoping that their government is going to get better.


I want to know if she is still have a hard time with his family and finding a better job that could get them more money.
What impressed us about Farlis was that at the beginning she told his cousin that he wouldn't let him talk to anyone in his family ever again if she went to serve in the army. Also he thought that she could always solve problems with fighting by using peace.