Martha Washington

By O. Dockens

Early Life

Martha Washington was born on June 2, 1731 near Williamsburg Virginia. According to Britannica School elementary, Martha had grown up on a wealthy plantation. When Martha was 18 she married Daniel Parke Curtis in 1749, Daniel was only 20 at this time. They lived together on a plantation together and had four kids two of the kids and dies as infants for reasons that today we don’t know, sadly in 1757 Daniel had died. After that Martha decided to make clothes for the French and Indian war, during that time period in 1759 Martha and George Washington ad became married and, Martha and George could not have children together.


When Martha was growing up she lived on a wealthy plantation. According to Britannica School Elementary, in 1749 she married Daniel Parke Curtis and moved to a different plantation yet in 1759 Daniel died. Martha and George had met during the war and married each other. Thirty years later George had become president and Martha became First Lady of the US. With this she was very kind, and very successful hostess. In 1797 Martha was no longer First Lady, and George no longer president.


In Martha’s life she had gone through lots of challenges. According to Britannica School Elementary, in 1749 Martha Married Daniel Parke Curtis they had four kids together yet two of her children had died as infants and in 1757 Daniel had died. Martha Married George Washington on January 6, 1759 but George and Martha could not have kids because George had something wrong with him. 30 years later Martha had become the first, First Lady of the US and this was hard because she had no role model but in the end Martha was A great First Lady and role model.


Martha has a great legacy she has done a lot for the US. According to Britannica school elementary, Martha had become the first, First Lady and it ended 1797 and was no longer first lady .But she was able to set a role for future first ladies, she had good manners and A plus she was A very good hostess. But in 1802 Martha had died and was buried with the Washington family.

Random fun fact!

Did you know Martha Washington was on a coin her is a picture!