Family Engagement Program

North East ISD

Parenting the Shy Child

Shyness is hard enough to deal with when we are adults, so imagine how hard it is for children. Overcoming this inborn character trait takes nurturing and patience along with other key strategies:

-Respect that the child may be shy

-Refrain from viewing shyness as negative

-Avoid using the word "shy" to describe your child either in front or behind child

-Praise efforts toward socialization

-Encourage social settings with other same-aged children

-Have child practice what he/she would like to say to parent or other trusted adult

-Avoid pushing child to speak or socialize when child is not ready

-Show empathy to child's struggles

-Point out others with shyness tendencies such as Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi, T.S. Eliot and Nelson Mandela who have gone on to have great success as adults.

"Shyness is simply a human difference, a variation that can be a form of richness"

-Dr. Marco Battaglia

-Practical Parent Education

Special Education 101 Workshop

Join us as The Brighton Center shares special education laws and processes as well as shares valuable resources for diverse learners and children with disabilities. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the wonderful resources that NEISD offers for all students.

Date: Wednesday, October 17

Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm

Location: NEISD Community Learning Center (CLC) #217

8750 Tesoro 78217

Seating is limited. Click to reserve your seat.

Healthy Eating Habits and Diabetes 101

Learn how your body processes food to give energy to your body and how this connects to a healthy body. Get to know the risk factors, signs, and symptoms as well as prevention strategies for diabetes.

Date: Friday, October 19

Time: 9:30am-10:30pm

Location: NEISD Ferrari Center

107 W. Rampart 78216

Seating is limited. Click to reserve your seat.

HEB Read 3 Early Literacy Classes

We've all heard about reading to your child at least three times a week. NEISD has partnered up with HEB to take early literacy to the next level. Join us for a 6 week series of early literacy classes for you and your 3 or 4 year old where we will teach you a variety of activities to do at home. We have a variety of locations, dates and times throughout the district.

Find the closest campuses to you:

Fox Run Elementary -

East Terrell Hills Elementary-

El Dorado Elementary -

Colonial Hills Elementary -

Wetmore Elementary -

Montgomery Elementary-

Harmony Hills Elementary -

Windcrest Elementary -

Steubing Ranch Elementary-

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Family Specialist Spotlight

Amanda Yruegas has been an instrumental part of the Walzem Elementary School and surrounding community as the Family Specialist for the past eight years. Amanda joined the NEISD Family Specialist group after years of experience at Methodist Healthcare Ministries, AVANCE San Antonio, and Edgewood ISD. She prides herself by offering multiple hours of classes to her parents, grandparents, and community members in various domains such as parenting, life skills & essential knowledge, academic skills, health & safety; and cultural & arts awareness. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Birds Up! She is a proud, single mother of one daughter whom recently graduated from Texas A&M in College Station. Whoop! She enjoys being a part of the Family Engagement Program because it allows her to give back what was given to her in regards to support and guidance as a young mom. She personally knows the struggles and hard work that is needed to overcome the struggles of raising an academically successful child. Amanda's goal is to provide 360° services to all students and their families with respect and understanding. Her hero is her sister who has always encouraged her to pursue her goals no matter how difficult the journey may be.

Her favorite quote is from Muhammad Ali, “The only limitations one has are the ones they place on themselves”. Amanda is a vital part of the Family Engagement Program and we thank her for her countless hours of "making a difference" for our families!