News From the Pond

Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten

Reading and Writing

Theme 1: Faces and Places at School


Letter of the Week
: Mm

Sight words: a, the

Comprehension strategy
: Making connections


Letter of the Week: Ss

Sight words: is, and

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Please see out class Quizlet link to practice letters, sounds and sight words. Students can practice skills through the flashcard option, learning option, or games. They can hear the sounds and repeat them. This is a fun and interactive way for your child to practice their skills!


Topic 1: Sorting and Classifying

We are learning about how to sort shapes by their different attributes.

STEM - Coding

Mr. Kuklok, our STEM Curriculum Integration Coordinator, came in and did an activity with us to help us learn about coding. Soon we will go into the Computer Lab and try coding on the computers using

Bus Safety

We learned about how to ride safely on the bus. We also learned the importance of staying our of the danger zone around the bus and making sure we can see the bus driver and he/she waves us across before we cross in front of a bus.