TFC Loan Transfer to Ben Franklin

Attention all Vantage and Excel current and past students

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To: All former and current students of Vantage College / Excel Learning Center

This email is to notify all former and current students, who may have in house private loans that your new servicer for these loans will now be Ben Franklin Financial. Vantage College was previously using TFC to service these loans.

These TFC loans were given to a small percentage of students that may not have qualified for all or partial of the Federal Direct Loan program. This DOES NOT affect any of the Federal Student Loans or their servicers. This is only for those who had additional balances and were provided as a service available to help cover the difference of tuition that the student couldn't afford to pay cash.

If you do have this type of loan, please look for information regarding your loan in the mail shortly. You can also call Ben Franklin Directly to see if your information is available and to make payment arrangements. Ben Franklin can be reached at 844-370-2420.

John Morales

Retention Manager
Vantage College