Belridge Secondary ESC News

September 2020

From The Principals Desk

Term Three has drawn to a close and despite the challenges 2020 has brought programs have resumed and the students have all been participating in a variety of learning opportunities. Swimming, DFES Cadet Program, Workplace Learning and Community Access are an example of these programs. All of these programs align with your child's Individual Education Plan and are implemented alongside the Australian Curriculum.

Our prospective Year 7 students have now participated in two transition days. Students from our local ESC's and mainstream primary schools will continue to attend planned days in Term Four. Feedback has been extremely positive and the students enjoyed their first two visits to Belridge and we look forward to them joining us again in Term Four and in 2021. Conversely, many of our Year 12 students are planning and participating in a range of activities to prepare them for life beyond school.

Many of our students participated in the recent Whole School Athletics Carnival alongside their BSC peers. Congratulations to everyone who competed, gave their all and cheered on their classmates. It was a wonderful day and the 'Two Schools, One Community' philosophy that we embrace was evident for all to see. A HUGE thank you to the BSC Phys-Ed department and to our Sports Coordinator Mr Tom Cann for all their hard work in organising such a big event. Thank you also to all staff for their efforts on the day.

There are many events planned as we head into the final term of the year. The important dates are mentioned here in the Newsletter. Please remember to add them to your diary or calendar. School resumes on Monday 12th October 2020. Our graduating Year 12 students will have their Graduation Ceremony in Week 3 on Thursday 29th October. We have a new venue for the ceremony this year at Kingsway Christian College Auditorium.

Our Annual Market Day is on Thursday 19th November and we look forward to showcasing our students and their creations on this day.

I sincerely wish all students and their families a relaxing school holiday break. Stay safe and hopefully there will be lots of sunshine. See you all refreshed and ready for an exciting and busy Term Four.

Jenine Wall



Friday 25th September - Last Day of Term 3

Monday 12th October - First Day of Term 4

Thursday 29th October - Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Thursday 19th November - Market Day

Thursday 10th December - Year 12 Parent Morning Tea & Graduation Assembly

Thursday 17th December - Last Day of Term 4 for students

Middle School Update

WOW I can hardly believe we are at the end of Term Three, time fly’s when you’re having fun. We are excited to report that we have had our second, year seven transition day for our year six students who will be joining us in 2021. We have a large cohort of year seven students enrolled for next year which is very exciting. It has been great to see so many friendships forming already. Many of the year six students were excited to see some familiar year seven faces at the transition days. When we took our year sixes for a school tour they were enthusiastic at the idea of having Design and Technology classes. Students also liked the yummy foods displayed in the canteen window and some students loved the yummy smells coming from the Home Economic classrooms. We have two transition days coming up in Term Four which we are looking forward to.

Our year sevens this week have been on an end of Term excursion to SciTech to consolidate all the learning that has taken place in Term Three. The feedback was very positive and many of the students have been talking about the planetarium experience.

Middle school assemblies have commenced this Term and we have finally been able to meet to celebrate and commend students on all their achievements. We had eighteen certificate winners at last Fridays Assembly. All students should be very proud of themselves and their many achievements. The year eights will be partaking in a SciTech excursion on Wednesday the 23rd of September to also consolidate a Terms worth of work which I know they have been looking forward to. Crystal Thompson, our Science Teacher presented students with awards to celebrate the ‘Science Week’ competition winners. We had a number of students participate and it was Sienna Gazey Year Nine and Luke Green in Year Nine that produced some outstanding results.

We also celebrated Athletics Carnival champions this Term. The athletics carnival was held on the 4th of September. Our champion boys for middle school were Malachi Scott, Marcus Meyer and Zac Chamberlain and our champion girls were Trinity Hill, Julia Smith and Ghenwa Dannaoui. It was also great to see so many of our middle school students set some school records in their sprints and jumps!!!!!!!! Well done to gold faction for winning the overall shield on the day.

As the Term draws to a close, I would like to wish everybody a safe and happy two week break and I look forward to seeing you all day one of Term Four. Best wishes everyone.

Mrs Shayne Hutchings

Middle School Deputy Principal

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Senior School Update

Term 3 is a busy term for Senior School as there is a focus on completing tasks and assessments. Combined with excursions and activities for DFES the program school life gets pretty hectic. It is very rewarding to visit classrooms and see the wide range of learning opportunities students are participating in.

The Senior Secondary students have fully engaged in completing their portfolios and assessments in Certificate Courses and Endorsed Programs. The first of our 2020 ASDAN Portfolios were assessed for Accreditation on 18th September. 40 modules of work were submitted for accreditation. The many hours of work that went into these portfolios is a real credit to the students and teachers given the challenges we faced. Next term final assessments for Certificate I T & L, Certificate II Focus Skills for Employment Pathways, ASDAN Work Right, ASDAN Towards Independent Modules and DFES Cadet Level 1 achievements will be finalised. Year 12 students are on track to receive a WASSA (West Australian Statement of Student Achievement) which will summarise all of the Certificate courses and Endorsed Programs they have completed over the past three years.

On a personal note, I am taking the first five weeks of Term 4 as Long Service Leave. Tom Cann will step in as Acting Deputy, WPL Coordinator, VET Coordinator and ASDAN Coordinator. Mr Cann will be available on my mobile 0417 171 806 if you need to speak with him, or email him: Mr John Pantelis is well known to the students in 11.2 and will fill in for Mr Cann as he takes on these higher duties. Thank you both.

Ms Wendy Hughes

Senior School Deputy Principal

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Bookweek is coming

Book Week 2020 is being celebrated Week 2 of Term 4. On Friday, 23rd of October students and staff are invited to dress up as a book character. The theme this year is “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds". There are many great costume ideas available when you Google Book Week 2020 online.

There will be book prizes awarded for Curious Creature drawings and models completed by students at school. The class that is judged by the student council as making the best dress-up effort on the day will also win a prize.

Belridge Secondary College are also celebrating and dressing up on the Friday.

There will be photos of students and activities published in the next newsletter.

Pauline Egan

Literacy Coordinator


These last few weeks our class has been working hard. We have spent time every day focusing on building independence with different tasks.

We have made a good headway into our Market Day products. The whole class has been getting involved to make some great items.

The Scitech incursion was highly entertaining, with Eliana being chosen to join in one of the experiments.

Both the students and the staff enjoyed the sports carnival and joining in the races and events.

As the weather warms up we’re spending more time in the fresh air on the bikes and in the garden.

We wish everyone a safe and happy school holidays!

Silvia Samarin

MAG Teacher

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The students have enjoyed the end of this term and have thoroughly enjoyed the Scitech incursion, Athletics Carnival and class routines. We are now focusing on working independently to prepare us to transition the students into year 8 next year. Everyone is excited for school holidays and all the fun events in Term 4.

In Firetech, we have been coding thymio robots and moving them through different mazes each week. In Cooking, we have made hamburgers, penne with vegetables, spaghetti bolognaise, rock cakes, shepherd’s pie and microwave chocolate pudding. In D&T, the students have been making a napkin holder and finishing their chopping boards for Market Day. In gardening we have been planting peas, snow peas and tomatoes. We have also fixed the garden beds in the garden and around the school.

In PE, we practised skills for the school Athletics Carnival and have been playing a mixed game of baseball and soccer. We all tried our best during the Athletics Carnival. We entered many events including 100m sprint, 200m sprint, long jump, discus and shot put. All the students in our class participated in at least two events. The class staff were very proud of all the students.

Daisy Llanwarne

7-1 Teacher

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We are particularly proud of our achievements in our options classes this term. These are classes outside our core subjects that we attend outside the classroom with Mr Davey, Mrs Oldfield, Mrs Ray and Mrs Gara. In D&T we each made a chopping board out of wood. We were assisted by Mr Silver, who used a laser to put our own design on our boards.

This year we have attended cooking classes twice a week. Miss Jones has shown us how to make some amazing food including pancakes, scones, chilli, fish and chips, soup and pasta.

Mrs Hales had been helping us to “bust a move” in Dance classes!

All term we trained hard with our classroom teachers for our Athletics Carnival in our sport classes. We competed to earn points for our faction colours in the 100m, 200m, discus and long jump events

Chloe Jordan

7-2 Teacher

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We have had a great term in 8-1.

We have all been working hard on our goals and improving our skills in other learning areas.

In English we are working on our speaking skills and sharing news with the class. On Friday we have Funny Friday and tell jokes before we go to the library.

We have worked hard on Maths this term. We enjoy working with our friends and playing games that support our Maths.

We continue to work on our Zone of regulation by identifying our emotions and practicing strategies to use in each zone.

In Health we are working on safety. We began by working on personal safety, how to keep ourselves safe in different situations. Then we identified strangers and safe strangers. Next we looked at safety in the home, including fire safety and first aid. During fire safety we practiced stop, drop and roll when our clothes were on fire. Get down low and go, go, go if there is smoke in the room and a safe place to meet. In First Aid we looked at stopping bleeding, bandaging cuts, scrapes and wounds. What to do when we sprain ourselves and how to use a sling.

It was wonderful to see and hear the care that everyone took with each other.

We are looking forward to our Scitech excursion and also the Holidays

Helen Carlyon

8-1 Teacher

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Term 3 has flown by. Year 8-2 students have enjoyed an interesting term with Scitech incursions and excursions organised by Miss Thompson, Fire-tech Digital Technology lessons, the school sports day, learning about Medieval Europe and making Father’s Day cards and gifts just to name a few of the activities undertaken. Pictured are students participating in activities this term.

Students have also been learning about the power of positive thinking, praising one another for their work and efforts, writing positive affirmations to classmates and teachers and celebrating successes.

Student’s are now planning their designs of a curious creature, ready for the Book Week competition in week 2 of term 4. They are all looking forward to dressing up as a book character on Friday 23 October.

Thank you to all parents and carers for your assistance and support over Term 3. Thank you also to our class Education Assistants; Mrs Bradfield, Mrs Hogben, Mrs McDade and Ms Dunstan who do a wonderful job working so positively and diligently with our students over the term and also, thank you to Mrs Read who taught Year 8-2 while I was recovering from surgery. I will be back full time Term 4.

Enjoy the school holiday break.

Pauline Egan

8-2 Teacher

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Design & Technology News

ESC students have had the opportunity to work with recycled timber and create Jarrah chopping boards designed and made for Market Day.

The students spent the last 7 weeks working on these boards which includes skills of using industry machinery such as electric hand sanders. All students checked a successful outcome by contributing to the whole school community by giving back and showing off their craftmanship skills in Design and Technology.

The Design and Technology department encourages all students to use recycled material and accentuate the importance of recycling timber. We use a vegetable base oil to stain the timber which also makes it safe for serving/cutting food on the board.

We encourage the local community to get in touch with the Design and Technology department if they have any left over timber such as old Jarrah pergolas or construction pine to help support our students make projects throughout the year and to give back to the local community.

Lloyd Silva

BSC Design & Technology Teacher

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Wow! The end of Term Three is here and what a busy time we have had! The students in 9-1 have enjoyed a number of exciting events over the last few weeks and are truly ready for a couple of weeks break!!!

In swimming the students have been working hard to become more confident in the water and improve their individual swimming skills. We have also focused on our personal space, time management and protective behaviours when in the pool and change rooms. The students are developing their skills when sharing public space with others in the community, getting changed in appropriate time and maintaining awareness of their personal privacy.

The sports carnival was a fantastic day and all students participated in at least one event. Everyone displayed their best sportsmanship, providing encouragement and complements to their peers throughout the day.

As always, Firetech on Wednesday mornings continues to be a favourite of the students. The movies are in the final stages of editing and we are looking forward to seeing the finished results.

Miss Thompson organised a wonderful incursion with Scitech to complement the students’ science curriculum. It was an exciting and informative day and the 9-1 students loved the Elephant toothpaste and fire paper.

We have done extensive work in class, regarding public and private, staying safe, how to be assertive, using our voices to let others know what we need and how to compliment others. These skills are practiced daily and in our collaborative classwork with the Year 10-2 class. The students have all progressed well with these skills and have developed more confidence in their social interactions with others.

Myself and the 9-1 staff team would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable break. I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4 for some more enjoyable experiences.

Aileen Finn

9-1 Teacher

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When you think of The 9.2, inspiration and team work comes to mind and this Term has been no different. The 9.2 continues to raise the bar and work together for the cause “Justice for all, no matter how small”. We are preparing for our Term 4 Civics and Citizenship topic learning about democracy with our peaceful protest, The 9.2 students and staff came together with a display of persistence, resilience and team work in an effort to have equality and equity for all, over the injustice of our class not winning the quiz and Toblerone chocolate!

In Design and Technology, we have completed our wooden door mats and will be starting a secret mystery group project, which we will reveal next term.

In Art we have completed our Clay figures and Clay pots and have started ink printing, creating cards with our own hand made stencils.

The Oscar buzz surrounding The 9.2’s movie projects is rising. As the talented students put the finishing touches on their Firetech short film projects.

In HASS the students are putting their final touches to their research work on farming innovations which they will present to the class and in Health we are learning about the determinates of Health.

Last but not least the Sports Carnival. The 9.2 was there to participate, cheer on their friends, be wonderful and won some prestigious accolades. Big congratulations go to Ghenwa and Zac for winning Champion Boy and Girl for Year 9.

After a very productive Term 3, we hope that all students enjoy a well-deserved and safe break and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces again next term.

Simon Malloy

9-2 Teacher

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It has been a busy term for 9-3! All of our students have been working hard across all curriculum areas and continuing with their creative projects in options classes.

Home Economics with Ms Wilkes each week has seen the students produce some delicious meals such as French toast, burgers, spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies – some meals were so delicious they were eaten straight away.

In D&T with Mr Orr, our keepsake boxes had their designs etched on and have been sanded and varnished. They are now ready for flocking (coating on the inside of the box) and will have their finishing touches added. Other projects currently being undertaken in D&T include keyrings, plaques and necklaces.

Our Physical Education classes this term have focused on T-ball and I must say we have some excellent athletes in 9-3. Each and every student has been working hard to improve their throwing, catching and batting skills while also considering the characteristics of fair play.

The Sports Carnival was an enjoyable day for all with students either participating in track and field events or cheering on their fellow students from trackside.

Well done on a fantastic term 9.3 – enjoy your well-deserved break!

Katherine Vales

9-3 Teacher

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National Science Week

In celebration of National Science week, Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre celebrated by spending 2 weeks focusing on this year’s theme – Deep Blue. In our middle school classes, we learnt all about different ocean animals, and their habitat.

Students got to choose their favourite ocean animal and research given questions about them. This was then made into a poster, and posters were entered into a competition that all classes voted on. For students that did not want to enter the poster competition, they were given the chance to enter a Science Week colouring in competition. Both winners were announced during the middle school assembly, and each received 2 tickets to Scitech as congratulations for their achievement. Well done to Sienna Gazey, and Luke Green; the winners of our Science Week competition.

To end the Science week celebrations, Scitech came to visit us on Friday the 28th of August, for a fun, hands on incursion. Students got to experience many different live science experiments; from chemicals that changed colour, to paper that disappeared. All of the classes thoroughly enjoyed this, and were very excited for the workshop that took place after. During this workshop, students were able to get involved in a hands on activity where they had to use their science inquiry skills, and creative thinking.

It was a great celebration for Science Week, and everyone is excited for next year!

Crystal Thompson


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Athletics Carnival 2020

The Whole School Athletics Carnival was held on Friday the 4th of September.

The final factions scores for ESC were:

1st - Sharks (Gold) - 1096 points

2nd - Mantas (Blue) - 828 points

3rd - Marlins (Green) - 817 points

Our Champion Boys and Girls were:

Year 7 - Malachi Scott and Trinity Hill

Year 8 - Marcus Meyer and Julia Smith

Year 9 - Zac Chamberlain and Ghenwa Dannaoui

Year 10 - Liam Keating and Maddi Sharp

Year 11 - Jayden Major and Haya Menz

Year 12 - Mailey Kelly and Jacinta Anderson

Congratulations to everyone who participated and cheered on their classmates - well done to you all.

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The wonderful DFES Cadets have been super busy during terms Two and Three with each year group following their DFES workbooks. All the Cadets have covered a range of topics, such as, Fire Awareness, Bushfire Safety and Natural Hazards.

Also, the Year 10 and 11 Cadets are following the ASDAN 'Personal Safety' program, with the Year 10's focusing on First Aid 'minor and serious injuries' and 'Fire Safety within the Home'. Like wise the Year 11's can now congratulate themselves having completed their final two units of ASDAN which covers 'Safety in the Home and the Community' as well as 'Personal Safety in the Centre'.

The Year 12 Cadets have further increased their First Aid knowledge by covering a section of the St John 'First Aid Recruits' program, concentrating on DRS ABCD, CPR, how to deal with burns, fractures, choking, bleeding and snake bites.

All of the Cadets have been extremely lucky to 'catch up' on quite a few of the excursions they unfortunately missed out on during Term 2 with each year group managing three DFES excursions this term.

The Year 10's had an awesome trip to The Heritage Centre in the city and where given a guided tour of the museum and could wear a fireman uniform and climb aboard an actual fire engine - great fun! A few weeks later they were off to Kings Park to learn how to survive in the bush - make damper and put up hoochies - and for their final excursion they took off to Mundaring Discovery Centre to learn about bushfires and how they start - plus all the Cadets had a chance to use the fire hose - a brilliant experience.

The Year 11 Cadets were very lucky to have two trips up to the Mundaring Discovery Centre. Whilst there they learnt about safety while camping overnight. Plus, they also had to take turns to carry the backpack once it was packed with the essential items - but not too far. The Cadets were also given the opportunity to see, up close, some of the West Australian native animals that have thankfully been rescued. These included an echidna, cockatoos and joeys.

Their final 'trip' was to Ern Halliday in Hillarys to have a try on the "Big Swing' which involved lots of teamwork and encouragement - well done Year 11.

Finally our Year 12 Cadets have also been out and about, firstly to Kings Park for the Bush Survival activity, learning to put up a shelter. Their knot making skills certainly came in handy and they all now know how to cook some food on an open fire and where to locate fresh water.

A trip up north to Yanchep National Park to visit the Crystal Cave and a lakeside introduction to the local wetland and woodland creatures gave the Year 12's an insight on what to look out for in the park. The final Year 12 excursion during Term 3 was to the Mundaring Discovery Centre which involved following a walking trail through the bush to find some photos of deadly and dangerous animals and reptiles. The Cadets had to identify why they were classified as either deadly or dangerous. They were given the opportunity to practice their first aid skills in pairs on how to care for a patient if they were bitten by a snake. For the final 30 minutes of the day, the Cadets enjoyed a reptile presentation given by Amy Wild - five snakes and two bobtails - fascinating. Luckily non of the snakes were venomous!

The DFES team would like to thank all the Cadets for their hard work during Terms Two and Three and wish them all a safe and fun filled holiday.

Chris V, Nicola Long and Jan Bowler

The DFES Team

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We have finished up the term with numerous activities in and out of the classroom.

With DFES we went to Perth Hills Discovery Centre within Beelu National Park and learned about bush fires, being prepared and the safety equipment used by the fire fighters. It was a fantastic day!

Community Access to Joondalup enhanced our skills when using public transport, being responsible for our belongings, what to do if we get lost or if there is an emergency, appropriate and safe behaviour in public and counting out and using money.

We are looking forward to Term Four, from all the team in 10-1 have a safe and enjoyable holiday break!

Susan Osborne

10-1 Teacher

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We’re quickly approaching the end of term three, with the students working well across all areas of the curriculum!

In English, the students have read “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. They enjoyed reading the story together, and enthusiastically discussed the plotline, predicting what would happen next.

As part of their Community Access program, the students participated in a series of fitness sessions with a trainer at HBF Arena. The students thoroughly enjoyed participating in a variety of activities, including cycling, circuit training and boxing training. I hope these sessions have inspired the students to look into further opportunities to improve and maintain their levels of fitness.

Five of our students recently participated in the “Try a Trade” program run by North Metropolitan TAFE, Clarkson. The course, which ran over three days, gave them a taste of working in a variety of trades, including rendering, plastering and bricklaying. All students participated enthusiastically, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

A favourite every year is the Sports Carnival! Our students participated in a number of track and field events, coming away with an impressive range of first, second and third place ribbons. Well done to everyone for their supportive encouragement of all competitors!

Please feel free to contact me anytime, my email address is:

Stephen McMahon

10-2 Teacher

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Congratulations to Haya Menz who is our Champion Girl for Year 11. A super effort was given by all students who attended the athletics carnival whether they were participating or encouraging their team mates from the sidelines. Students participated in a variety of events such as shotput, discus, 100m run, 200m run and long jump.

Students enjoyed making gifts for Father’s Day. The students selected a variety of tea and coffee to go in a mug that could be placed on the coasters they painted. They made their own card as well as designing a very cool pair of glasses for Dad and Pop.

We have been on three DFES excursions this term. We had a fantastic experience at Perth Hills Discovery Centre learning about how to be bush fire ready, what to pack in a backpack when walking through the bush, identifying and observing the variety of flowers and plants in the bush. The highlight was the animal encounter and meeting the very special, but endangered animals there including LuLu the echidna.

Other excursions have included bowling at Joondalup. A few students celebrated strikes that day at bowling with Marshall having the top score. The students also chose to go to Joondalup Shopping Centre as their “Trip Out” for their ASDAN module Out in the Community. They had to locate the Information Centre, public toilets etc…using a map of the shopping centre. They ate lunch in the food court with a special treat of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream.

Kim Butler

11-1 Teacher

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Well here we are, at the end of Term 3 and despite everything, this term has certainly flown by. The students of 11-2 have done so much in the past 10 weeks, it’s hard to summarise it all in one news article. As such, rather than myself listing everything we’ve done and achieved, we thought it would be a great idea to let the students share their thoughts and feelings about Term 3. I proposed the following questions and these are the student’s responses;

One thing I’ve learnt this term is…

Sarah: “to be more independent”

Alisha: “maths, in particular multiplication”

Jayden: “to calculate my log book hours”

Hayley: “safe lifting techniques in T&L”

Dylan: “using my footy tipping scores to create a bar graph using grid-paper”

William: “how to build a garden bed in WPL”

Jack: “how to make the perfect coffee in coffee club”

My favourite thing from this term is…

Sarah: “having Mr Cann as a teacher”

Alisha: “having my teachers for support”

Jayden: “sport lessons!”

Hayley: “drawing during my reward time”

Dylan: “doing my football tipping activities and Mr Cann moaning about not scoring well with his tips”

William: “the Big Swing activity in DFES”

Jack: “going to Tamala Park for Workplace Learning”

I have made improvements in…

Sarah: “my ability to work in a team”

Alisha: “is solving Maths problems”

Jayden: “showing maturity and making good decisions”

Hayley: “the speed in which I complete my work”

Dylan: “my maths skills”

William: “is listening, communicating and teamwork”

Jack: “to speak up when I need to”

Next term, I look forward to…

Sarah: “having Mr P as my teacher”

Alisha: “working better on my school work”

Jayden: “doing more sport”

Hayley: “DFES excursions”

Dylan: “completing my T&L course”

William: “having Mr P as my teacher”

Jack: “more soccer games at recess and lunch”

Something I did well this term was…

Sarah: “co-operation”

Alisha: “answering maths sums”

Jayden: “making good choices”

Hayley: “mix with the Year 12 students on Wednesdays”

Dylan: “organise my own workplace learning experience”

William: “being helpful”

Jack: “complete my work in my certificate courses”

So as you can see, so many great things have occurred this term and there is plenty to look forward to next term. I hope all students and their families enjoy their break and we shall see you all for term 4!

Tom Cann

11-2 Teacher

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As we head towards the end of the term 12-1 can look back at a very productive and BUSY term.

Students and staff worked so hard to complete all ASDAN modules which went to State moderation at the end of Week 9. The dedication, patience and just plain hard work all students put into their work is to be commended. We are very proud of their work ethic.

WPL has started to become more settled with all students now having a place for both Tuesdays and Fridays. The variety of work places caters for all student’s interests and abilities. WPL sites include Beldon Coles, Joondalup and Wangara Post Offices, Belridge library, Good Sammy’s, Kascade Hairdressing, Elixir Café and WorkPower Belmont.

This term with the easing of restrictions the class has been able to go on a number of excursions into the community for ASDAN and DFES.

Students used public transport to travel to Zone Bowling in Joondalup where they were able to practise their money skills by paying for a game of bowling and receiving change. They also were able to use a vending machine to buy a drink and then choose and purchase their lunch at the Joondalup Shopping Centre Food hall. All great life skills.

DFES excursions included a trip to Yanchep National Park where we learnt about animals found in woodland and wetland environments. Then we were very lucky to be the first group to try the newly renovated boardwalk through the Crystal Cave. All students went into the cave which was a huge achievement. The class also went to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre where they did a ‘Deadly and Dangerous’ tour learning about Australian animals and reptiles that are deadly or dangerous. This was followed by an animal encounter with some very big non-venomous snakes!

The school had its Athletics Carnival in week 7 and I am proud to say that all students participated in as many events as they were able and gave it their all. It was fantastic to see such enjoyment and determination on faces as they competed in a variety of track and field events. Well Done 12.1!

The class continues to wash staff cars to raise money for the Koala Bushfire Fund and have added detailing as an extra cost this term. Staff can now get their car washed and vacuumed with inside and outside windows done for the bargain price of $10. Students have become a well-oiled team when performing their job. It’s a pleasure to see.

All Staff and students are looking forward to a well-earned break over the holidays after a very busy term. We hope you all have a relaxing holiday and come back ready to take on the last term of your Secondary schooling life.

Tonya Vander Loop

12-1 Teacher

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12-2 have enjoyed the second half of Term Three with excursions, completing courses, birthday celebrations, cooking and planning for the graduation ceremony.

Thank you to the DFES Team who organised another two engaging full day excursions for the Year 12 Cadet Groups. We spent one day at Yanchep National Park learning about the local native animals and exploring the Crystal Cave and another day in the Perth Hills learning about Western Australian animals that are deadly or dangerous and encountering reptiles. We are looking forward to the planned excursions and learning activities in Term Four.

Throughout the year, the class has been dedicated to learning and developing the knowledge and skills within the Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways. This has included the Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee Unit and units on Responding to Workplace Problems, Workplace Texts, Digital Technology within the Workplace and Mathematics for the Workplace. Congratulations to all of the students in the 12-2 class for demonstrating competence in all of these units and gaining a Certificate II qualification in a Nationally Recognised VET Course.

We have had the opportunity to celebrate another 18th Birthday. Happy Birthday to Will Kirkbright! We had lots of fun with yummy cookies, kitkat slice and specialty balloons.

During our independent cooking classes, the students have had the opportunity to utilise the school’s new Air Fryers. They have enjoyed looking at the differences between how things are cooked in an oven compared to the air fryer and have prepared and made mini pizzas, nachos and chocolate lava cake. Students are learning how to independently use the air fryers and many have been excited by how easy they are to use. Next term we will continue to practice our independent cooking skills by making marinated chicken skewers and sweet and savoury scrolls.

This term Nick and Will have begun a new work placement at Coles Whitfords. In their first week, they completed a comprehensive induction/orientation with the store manager and are learning about all the different departments within the store. Thank you to the Coles Whitfords team for such a great experience for our students.

Planning for this year’s Graduation Ceremony is well underway. A small group of Belridge SESC staff went for a tour of the new venue – Kingsway Christian College and were amazed. The College has a fantastic theatre for the ceremony which will make the event a very special occasion for our graduating students. Details on the event have been provided to families and all Year 12 students will attend a practice at the venue before the big night.

A big thank you to all of the wonderful Education Assistants in the 12-2 team for the work that they have done this term supporting our students at both school and workplace learning.

Lauren Thompson

12-2 Teacher

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Student Achievement

Fantastic News!

Mailey in Year 12 has been selected into the Western Australian Cricket Association State Team for the National Cricket Inclusion Championships.

Photos below show Mailey hard at work at training at the WACA ground proudly wearing the green and gold.

Congratulations Mailey, we are all very proud of you!!

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Mobile Phone Policy - Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre



Effective 3-2-2020


The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public schools unless for medical or teacher directed educational purpose.

It is important to note that it is not a requirement at Belridge Secondary ESC for students to have a mobile phone at school.

Belridge Secondary ESC recognises that an increasing number of parents/carers who for safety, security and/or emergency purposes wish to provide their children with mobile phones. This policy details the conditions under which mobile phones are permitted at Belridge Secondary ESC.

Conditions of Use

  • The use of mobile phones for all students will be banned from the time they arrive at school to the conclusion of the school day. This includes before school and at break times (off and away all day).
  • Students who bring their mobile phone to school are required to switch off, and hand their phone to their teacher. The student owner of the phone will be recorded and the phones securely stored until collected from the teacher by the student at the conclusion of the school day.

Exemptions and Communication

  • Exemptions to this ban include where a student requires a mobile phone:
  1. to monitor a health condition as part of a school approved documented health care plan; or
  2. under the direct instruction of a teacher for educational purposes; or with permission of a teacher for a specified purpose.
  • Smart watches must be in 'aeroplane mode' so phone calls and messages cannot be sent or received during the school day.
  • While at Belridge Secondary ESC students are the responsibility of the school. All communication between parents and students, during school hours, should be via the school's administration.
  • Belridge Secondary ESC has duty of care for all students when they are attending the school. In emergencies, where students need to get in contact with parents/carers, students are to notify the appropriate school staff. If parents/carers need to contact their children, they are asked to contact the school directly.

Breaches of this policy

  • Breaches of this policy will be managed in accordance with the School Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures.
  • In the case of repeated inappropriate mobile phone use by a student, their mobile phone will be confiscated and held at the Administration Office. Parents/carers will be informed and requested to collect the mobile phone from the school at their earliest convenience.

Further guidance

For the purpose of this policy, 'mobile phones' includes smart watches and associated listening accessories, such as, but not limited to, headphones and ear buds.

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