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This page is for sharing and reflection of my learning.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6 Unit

In the Science 6 unit, we learned about microscopes, how to use microscopes, learned how to use a globe, compared and contrasted, made quantitative and qualitative observations, and learned how to use a triple beam balance. We did four labs so far, the letter "e" lab, the sand lab, the microscope lab, and the mini mapping lab. You will see different pictures and an explanation on the labs and activities below.

Letter "e" Lab:

  • Mrs. Smith (our science teacher) gave each of us a word to put under a microscope
  • We first put the slide in and looked at it on low power (40x).
  • We drew what we saw on the worksheet she gave us
  • We continued to do this for each lense (medium and high power).
  • Then she gave us a different slide with something different in it
  • We then had to draw what we saw when we looked through the lense on low power
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Sand Lab:

  • One of the other science teachers went surfing during the summer (Mr. Shafer)
  • We wanted to find out where he went
  • Mrs. Smith got some sand from Mr. Shafer's beach towel
  • She gave us 3 other sand samples that looked identical
  • We then looked and compared all four through a microscope
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Microscope Lab:

  • Mrs. Smith gave us three handouts that were microscope parts, microscope notes, and a microscope sequencing map
  • On the microscope parts page, we had to color code and name the different parts of a microscope
  • On the microscope notes page, we had to fill in the blanks for different questions
  • On the microscope sequencing map page, we had to color and right down the steps on how to use a microscope
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Mini Mapping Lab:

  • Mrs. Smith gave us three handouts
  • One handout was a latitude and longitude handout
  • Another handout was around the world in 30 minutes
  • The last handout was another paper on latitude and longitude
  • She then gave us our cover page where we had to color, draw, and label 6 pictures
* I don't have a picture yet because Mrs. Smith is still grading it ✨

What I liked most:

The lab or activity that I like the most was the microscope lab. I liked the microscope lab because I have never looked at things through a microscope before. It was also very fun to learn and do it. I also liked how we got to draw pictures and color them. The microscope was my favorite lab or activity.

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