Jackson's Presidency

by- Talal Al-Okar

Killing the National Bank!

Now you may be asking, "how can someone kill a Bank?"... Well here is how President Jackson did it. Now lets start from scratch. Why would he do such thing? Well cause he felt like it was unconstitutional, which meant that it was not in a manner conforming with a political constitution. Especially the US constitution! So he decided to shut down the national bank.He had a power in-between his hands that he used to shut down the national bank and it was called the veto. Many people viewed the national bank as a corrupt place that is made only for the wealthy. Which is why some where happy,but some where sad.

FUN FACT- President Andrew Jackson is on the 20$ bill.. Weird right?

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Nullification Crisis

It all started off by President Andrew Jackson putting tariffs on the Southern countries and making stuff a lot more expensive, the south was very upset about the tariffs because they had very little manufacturing, and of-course since there was a lot of farmers. there equipment and the stuff they need became way more expensive than then common prices , So south Carolina all decided to stand up for themselves and start threatening Andrew Jackson that they would officially leave from the union if the federal government interfere with their nulification act,So ofcourse the congress passed the force bill which made them pay their taxes. The nullification started off by people getting mad and all of that, but then it resolved by South Carolina giving in and accepting to pay their taxes, but the northern where still mad.
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Indian removal act

Andrew Jackson wasn't the biggest fan of Indians (native american), so he wanted more space for the whites, more than needed. So he said that he wanted to push the Indians to the west, the supreme court replied with a big. NO! But he eventually ignores them and refused to listen to them and send them to the west (Oklahoma), and it was a very far trip. And i mean very far! 50% of them died,, which is like half probably even more than half died! The weather was unbearably cold and the environment was not the greatest place to camp in, Of course the Indians tried there best to fit in, they tried so hard to fit in that almost all of them changed there names, and went to american schools etc...
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This political Cartoon shows how president Andrew Jackson hates the national bank, and in the bubble speech where he said "Anybody else care to discuss politics?" He was saying that in a sarcastic way because he ignored the politicians and used the veto and that it was not constitutional.

Dear president Andrew Jackson (Letter)

Although you have been elected as a president twice, and although you have done a lot of decisions. I feel like this one was yet the WORST decision you've ever done. Sending the Cherokees to walk all the way to the west, are you crazy! I mean like making them walk for half a year and making 50% of them die and they tried so hard to fit in by changing there name! Changing there name like that's how hard they tried to fit in, imagine you changed your name to an Indian name, most of them actually did fit in but yet just because there "Cherokees" they where sent to the west. Well I mean like you could've gave them supplies cause there doing something under your command, aren't you supposed to at-least thank them for walking thousand and thousands of miles just for you! Walking to west was so sad and so hard and depressing they called it the "Trail of tears" , anyways i hope you understand and do whats best.

From- Talal Al-Okar

Dear the greatest president in the United States Of America, President Andrew Jackson! (Letter)

I just wanted to thank you president Andrew Jackson for all that you have done, i mean like you placed taxes on cheap stuff that are not from the U.S just so we can earn money, which I honestly think is really smart, and to protect the northern states which of-course where i live, and I think that was a very smart decision. right? And i think you're a very powerful president because of the power you hold in-between your hands, which is of-course called, the vet. And the other power that you used on the southern states which is called, the force bill! So i just want to thank you for everything you have done and i hope you have a great day!

From- Jimmy billy