Let's travel to Madrid, Spain

A beautiful city with amazing towns and countrysides

About Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful city with a countryside that is breathe taking. The towns are very civilized and modern. It is the capital of Spain. The name Madrid comes from the arabic "magerit" which means 'place of many streams'.

The population of Madrid was 950 000 in 1900 now it is over 3 million.

Madrid is 300 km from the sea.Madrid is located on a plateau 650 meters above sea level.It is the highest capital city in Europe.

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A Little History

History of Madrid Spain

Madrid was once named Mayrit because it was owned by the Moors an Islamic group from North Africa. The city fought between being a Muslim community or a Christian community. Eventually the ruler of Spain was a Christian so all votes aside the country would become a Christian country. Most links to the Muslim world were lost. So allot of cultural heritage was lost. The Spanish constitution of 1978 declared Madrid as capital of Spain. The dance Flamenco was invented in this city. It is the most populated city in Spain with that many people there are many different languages like Arabic, Fala, Aranese and Asturian.


Airfare is about 5,816$. And the hotel is about 1,317$ for a family of two adults and two children older than 12. The flight leaves June the eighth and will arrive in the U.S on the fifteenth of June. The hotel is seven tenths a mile away from the airport. You would stay in the Hotel Ritz Madrid.

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Flamenco Dance originated in Madrid, Spain

Flamenco Dance Siguiriyas part two