Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • Friday is an "A" day. Not sure about a dress down for students on Friday. Will let you know towards the end of 2B-Thursday. We will have Cluster. Please read the email Laura and Megan created about material to bring to Cluster.
  • Enrollment packets for current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students are due to Blazer Block teachers this Friday. Please get those to Mrs. Clark quickly on Friday. We will try to have a drawing announcement after lunch.
  • Ms. Looper sent an email about the ACT and responsibilities. Please look over that. On Friday April 15th, juniors are to complete some pre-test information during Blazer Block.
  • After Cluster on April 22, there will be training for senior portfolio grading. On April 29, we will grade senior portfolios--all of us.
  • Please look at email James sent about Tardies and consistency.
  • Senior projects continue to impress me. If you noticed the plane overhead today, that was one of our students as he is completing hours to obtain his pilot license. Written exam is the only thing to go!
  • Congratulations again to Ms. Schonhar on being selected as a TOP 10 finalist in Greenville County Schools for TOTY.
  • Kelley sent an email on April 4th related to service hours and a blank service hour form.
  • The prom is this Friday at Twigs which is near Haywood Mall. Kelley sent an invitation to come. Please let her know if you are planning to attend.
  • No links this week. I want to leave you with this short quote from a student that graduated from GMC in 2015: " Because of a little extra work while in high school, I'll be graduating from the University of South Carolina as a double major next December." #YeahthatGMC! #GetFiredUP!
  • Enjoy the rest of the week.