The Core

May 13, 2022, Volume 13, Issue 35

Notes from the Principal

Hello Parents,

Congratulations to all of our 3rd-5th graders for finishing their SBAC assessments. Our students showed real commitment in persevering through each day of testing. We're almost done, just a few make-ups next week.

It is so important for us to share how recently COVID is impacting our schools. Covid numbers continue to stay high and we are extremely short-staffed. This isn't just true of Orchard School, it's also true of all schools throughout the district and state. I am sharing that even though we are down to just four more weeks, we may have to look into other options, we'll keep you in the loop if we have to think of different strategies.

The Parent Feedback form for Student Placement closes on Monday.

If you recall, we moved to an electronic version two years ago and would like to continue with this system. Please complete the parent feedback survey for your child - and redo for each of your children. We cannot accept teacher requests and will delete any feedback forms that specify a teacher request. Thank you for this. Here is the link:

Our Artist-in-Residence, Master Lenny Yordan, starts on Monday! Check out the article below for more information.

One last note - next Friday, May 20th is the last day for one of our fourth-grade teachers, Mr. Goff. Alex is making a career move that requires he begin prior to the end of the school year. Alex has previously taught in 3rd grade these past five years. Happy trails Mr. Goff, we hope to see you back at Orchard School someday!

Have a great weekend!

Mark T

Quote of the week regarding taking SBAC tests:

“True grit is staying in the game when others would have dropped the ball and left the park.”


Our Artist-in-Residence Starts Next Week

Master Lenny Yordan is coming to Orchard School for two week! He is a 7th Dan Blackbelt coming to teach us about the basics of Taekwondo. We are hoping this could be good timing to teach us about discipline and resiliency. Click the link below to check out Master Yordan's website.

Team Work Moving the Gaga Ball Pit Outdoors

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Student Performances

We are hoping to have "in school" spring concerts! We are scheduling morning concerts for two-grade shows with the hope that our Covid numbers are in a good place. The dates are:
Wednesday, June 1st - Grades 2 & 3

Thursday, June 2nd - Kindergarten & Grade 1

Friday, June 3rd - Grades 4 & 5

Show tentatively to start at 8:30, more details coming soon, parents are welcome!

Photos from Ms. Fischer's 2nd Grade Publishing Party

School Nurse Notes

May = Mental Health Awareness Month.

For a resource starting point, check out this newsletter, from the VT Department of Health.

If you are especially interested in fostering a healthy relationship with technology, read the section "Social media and youth mental health," for simple action steps to increase well-being.


This week's focus: Prevention

~Preventing Tick Bites on People~

Before you go outdoors:

  • Know where ticks hang out: grassy, bushy, wooded areas and on animals.
  • Treat clothing and gear: with 0.5% Permethrin (can remain protective through several washings).
  • Use EPA insect repellents: find product search here and always follow product directions.

After you come indoors:

  • Check clothing for ticks.
  • Examine pets (and gear): check pets daily and remove ticks right away.
  • Shower within two hours of coming indoors.
  • Full body check for ticks on yourself and your child's body (with a mirror if necessary.

For more information, visit the Vermont Department of Health or the CDC.

Next week's topic: tick removal


FREE LAMP tests (similar to PCR, but results within 30 minutes) are available from the Health Department. Find sites here (walk-ins allowed) or make an appointment here for pick-up. FREE Rapid Antigen tests are available from the school. Please contact us and we can send them home with your student or you can pick them up at school. With symptoms, if the first antigen test is negative, use the second at least 24 hours later. If they are both negative, and you still have concerns, get a LAMP or a PCR test. Please keep sick kids home.

Be well,

Kara Cassani, RN & Darcy Mazlish, RN

Orchard School Nurses
SBSD Elementary Health Services
p. (802) 652-7303
f. (802) 652-7354

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Doves in our Lobby!

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South Burlington Rec News

Family Fun Events:

Chalk the Walk 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Saturday 5/14


Come have some fun and brighten our sidewalk.

Look for the blue tent at the entrance to Veterans Memorial Park

Chalk provided by Vermont Federal

Kites in the Park 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Saturday 5/21


Join us in the park for our make/take kite event

We will meet under the large Arch at Veterans Memorial Park

Kite kits, markers and stickers will be provided

Thank you,


Brett Leonard, CPRP

Recreation Specialist

South Burlington Recreation and Parks

180 Market Street, South Burlington, VT 05403

Office: 802.846.4137 Cell: 802.233.4834

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Please Respect Our Neighbors


Our Arrival and Dismissal routes are going much smoother these days so it is so important for parents to use our parking lot pick-ups & drop-off routes rather than dropping off your child on Baldwin Avenue. Our neighbors have been very patient with us and we need to keep off their lawns. It's also not safe so please support our neighbors like you support our school.

Thank you on this.