Counselor's Corner

A monthly update on counseling activities at DES

Hello Teachers!

I am Bethany Sinkhorn and I will be serving as the counseling intern at DES until late April. I have been over at the high school since August and will continue to work and learn there this semester. I will be available to assist with student needs on Wednesdays at DES. I have already thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I am looking forward to working with you all!

I hope to be able to provide several small group counseling opportunities while I am here, as well as some classroom guidance lessons. I will also be available to support students on an individual basis as well.


Early in February I would like the chance to spend a few minutes in each classroom to introduce myself to students and explain the role of a school counselor. Many students likely do not know the types of support I can provide them and this lesson will help explain the types of activities that I engage in with students. If you could email me what time of day works best for a 20-30 minute visit on Wednesday, February 4th, 11th, and 18th then I will make a schedule for visiting (my email address is linked below). Classes could come to the Latchkey room instead of me coming into the classroom as well. I could also combine classes if that would be easier for some teachers.

In February I would also like to begin one or two small groups. I will be in touch with teachers who have expressed a need for group interventions, specifically those related to social skills and behavior management. If you have students you feel could benefit from either of these groups please let me!

Finally, if you have not yet had a chance to fill out the needs survey I sent out, please do. It will really help me to understand what services are most needed for students here at Daleville. You can fill it out directly from this newsletter!