Tuck Everlasting

Will Winnie live forever?

Will Winnie drink the water?

I think that she will not drink the water because she will not live forever. I think she will not want to live forever after she finds out that Jesse dranked the water. I sure that she want to live a life like anyone would want to. But, Winnie thinks it is just water so Jesse doesn't want to tell her. Jesse doesn't want to tell her because she will think that he is crazy.

Tuck Everlasting

Winnie got kidnap fromn Miles and Mae. Mae hits man in the yellow suit with a gun. Mae made sure Winnie was safe.

Winnie Get's Kidnap.

Winnie runs away from home. Then she sees a man drinking the water. She just stands there looking at him and he noticed that Winnie is looking at him. Jesse pills her and won't let her go. Winnie tries to run home then Miles and Mae take her and put her on the horse and takes her.

The Mood of the Story is...........

The mood of the story turns different in the story the first one is sad because she has to stay in the gate she has not step out of the gate until she runs away. The second one is scared because she gets kidnap.