Don't be late!!!


Guess what is coming up?...It is my birthday and I hope that you can visit me on my birthday. When it is my birthday you will be enjoying yourself just like how it is in heaven. We will be eat delicious food which will make you want to eat more, we have fun games which will make you never want to leave my house. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU!!!


Saturday, Dec. 6th, 11am

67 Good St

Granville, NSW

I bet that you will go as fast as your legs/car can take you right?


11am-11:30 am Have a rest and chat a bit.
11:30am-12noon Play a game of "Musical Chair".
12noon-1pm Have lunch and get ready for the second game.
1pm-1:30pm Play "Pass the Parcel".
1:30pm-2:30pm Go out to the park and take turns riding the bike in the park.
2:30pm-3pm Go home and grab a drink of water/juice/soft drink.
3pm-4:30pm Set out the table and cook dinner.

4:30pm-5:30pm Eat the cake and/or the food that my mother had cooked.
5:30pm-6pm Give and receiving presents which will be fun.