Research Project- Beauty Pagents

By: Giselle Rivas

Does competing in beauty pageants affect chidren?

Beauty Pageants are bad for children because it affects the children's development and it affects the child mentally.


Beauty Pageants have become very popular. Not only is it adults now, but it is also children. Children are now competing from a very early age. Competition categories include talent, sportswear, swimwear and many more. Many disagree with the fact that beauty pageants are good for children. Others think that competing in beauty pageants are great for children.

Text Evidence

  1. "The pageants teach girls from a very early age that their worth is based on their appearance," Alison says. "Research shows that reinforcing an emphasis on looks and attractiveness leads to negative body image, disordered eating, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem." - "Let the Girls Shine Rather Than Preen." Article This quote shows how girls get mentally affected. When girls get judged based on looks and get negative comments, it makes them want to do whatever possible to look better to impress the judges. They don't realize that when they try something like skipping meals or "dieting", it causes them health issues. They also stress over not being on of the top 5 or maybe because they didn't win which can cause depression and/ or low self-esteem.
  2. "Children who consistently compete in beauty pageants miss the chance to make friends during and after school, and are at risk for developing problems in their social interactions. Relationships with others are also important. Children who feel good about their interactions with others tend to feel good about themselves. -Suzanne Thompson; "Is Winning a Pageant Worth a Lost Childhood?" If children only focus on beauty pageants they won't get to have the experience of making friends which is bad for them. They need to make friends because if they don't they won't actually know how to interact with one another.
  3. "Body image is the No 1 problem of young girls. So these children [in pageants] are absolutely being put in harm's way, and we can't just watch a train wreck about to happen. And it's cruel to judge little girls on their appearance. To say to a young girl, no, you're not pretty enough. So we're setting them up for plastic surgery and Botox injections and as a society, we must not sit by and let that happen." - Should 4-year-olds be Beauty Queens? I chose this quote because competing in beauty pageants makes you feel bad about yourself mentally and physically. Sometime not winning makes you think that you are worthless or that you are not pretty enough. It really affects a kid and they shouldn't have to deal with that.
  4. "Parents dressing four-year-old girls in adult-style clothes and makeup with big hair and tanning spray are plotting a Barbie kind of future for their girls."
    -"Let the Girls Shine Rather Than Preen." Article I chose this quote because i think that it is true about the girls. It's as if they are being transformed into Human Barbies and that is not right. They are human and should be act themselves. They shouldn't need a tan to make them look pretty because they are already pretty. Instead of doing that they need to learn to love and appreciate themselves.
  5. "Little girls preen, strut, pout and beckon to the judges, "Come here, baby". They kiss their finger and press it to their backsides in a gesture indicating they are smoking hot. They are instructed to flirt and to hold their stomachs in. A five-year-old begs not to have her eyebrows ripped out. Some girls are reportedly injected with Botox to smooth wrinkles. The suggestive dance routines, beauty rituals and sexualised costumes are all just a day in the life of US child beauty pageants, where parents invest thousands of dollars to turn their daughters into big-haired, grotesquely made-up, sexualised dolls." -"Living Dolls" Article I chose this quote because this happens most of the time with girls. They get stuff done to their face and eyebrows without their permission. Girls should spend time playing barbie, riding bikes and many other age appropriate activities. Instead they are being tortured and used. Botox, eyebrow ripping, sexualised costumes and dance routines and many other things are factors that affect the girls a lot which is not healthy for them.
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My Counterargument

Some people believe that beauty pageants are okay for children because it helps them gain confidence in them However an article by Newspaper Irish Times says the opposite. They think that beauty pageants are a "theft of childhood". Beauty pageants truly steal their childhood. Children also get their self esteem messed up because of all the judging.
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