Outsiders Soundtrack

Dylan Period 7

Take Me Away

Take Me Away (Pocket full of Sunshine)- by NATASHA BEDINGFIELD

When Ponyboy and Johnny were running away on the train, they were being taken to an abandoned church. They escaped Ponyboy's house, then they escaped the crime scene of Bob's murder, than they got taken away to the church.
Take Me Away... A Secret Place

You've Got A Friend in Me

You've Got A Friend in Me - by Randy Newman

This song reminds me of how Johnny and Ponyboy were such good friends. They both went everywhere together while they were on there runaway journey. Johnny was friends with everything because he was like the pet of the gang. Everyone liked having Johnny around because he kept the gang together.
You've Got A Friend in Me( lyrics ) - Randy Newman

Stay Gold

Stay Gold - by Stevie Wonder

When Johnny and Ponyboy are reading gone with the wind, he recites a poem named "nothing gold can stay". This song reminded him about times in school when he learned it. This song is also the Outsiders theme song.
Stevie Wonder - Stay Gold Lyrics

Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up - by Avicii

When Ponyboy and Johnny are in the Park, they get overrun by Bob and the other socials. Bob almost drowns Ponyboy and and the Johnny killed Bob by stabbing him to death. While Ponyboy was being drowned, he thought it was over for him and he was going to die. He didn't know what to do and wanted to wake up.
Avicii - Wake Me Up (Official Video)

I Don't Want to Die

I don't want to die - by Conor Oberst

Johnny gets hurt really badly when Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny went into the burning church to save the kids. Ponyboy went into the church because he thought it was his fault that the church was on fire because of a lit cigarette that was left in the church. Johnny was in the the hospital and did not want to die.
I Don't Want To Die (In The Hospital) - Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band