Classic Rock

The Good and Original

What is Classic Rock?

"Is it the artist? Not automatically. Is it radio airplay and record sales? Not exclusively. Is it a particular musical style or lyric theme? Not so much. Perhaps the best answer to the question lies in the word classic. Virtually every available dictionary definition of classic includes a key test. The most telling aspect of the adjective is that it describes something about which the same opinion has stood over a long period of time. People listen to it, and feel the same way about it today as they did when it was first recorded."

Excerpt From Classic Rock 101,

By Dave White (

Queen - We Will Rock You

Not All Wolves Follow The Pack...

We all know some of the classic instruments used in Classic Rock, such as the guitar/ electric guitar and the drums. What you may not know are some of the nontraditional instruments used in Classic Rock.

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