ACT Testing Strategies

Strategies to help you succeed!

Eliminating Strategy

The elimination strategy can be very helpful. We do it even without thinking about it sometimes. You eliminate the answers you don"t know or the ones you know aren't correct. This strategy helps narrow it down so you don't have as many choices.

Annotating Strategy

The annotating strategy helps you make sense of what your reading in your words. When reading an article or anything in general and you remember something important or see something important, you make a note by it to come back to. This was you don't lose your train of thought.

Guessing Strategy

The guessing strategy is pretty much self explanatory. On a multiple choice test you can use a guessing pattern of your choice or go through and pick the same letter for all of the questions.Its kind of the back up method if you cant figure out the answers any other way.

Math Strategies

1. read the word problem once, without solving
2. Re-read the problem, breaking it into smaller parts.
3. translate each part
4. solve the problem
5. Re-read the last sentence of the word problem to confirm you are finished.

Science Strategies

- Draw arrows directly on charts or graphs to distinguish direct and indirect relationships
- Always go back to the data to support your decision
- Beware of extreme language in answer options