PD News Update

The Summer/Fall PD Guide is HERE!

Check out our new 2020 Summer/Fall PD Guide by clicking on the image below!

We are pleased to offer a variety of virtual/online sessions to support your professional learning. As we continue to expand our offerings for the summer and fall months, be sure to keep tabs on the CIPD Online Learning page for updates to existing sessions and to see our new offerings.

Thank you for your flexibility, and we look forward to continuing our reputation of providing training that responds to your needs.

Virtual Writing Intensive with Leah Mermelstein

We previously hosted Leah Mermelstein for a week-long Writing Institute a few summers ago, and received rave reviews from our districts. We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with her again for a VIRTUAL series on writing instruction! If you are an elementary school teacher looking for ways to strengthen your writing practice this year, check-out the details below!

Note: This session is best suited for elementary teachers, coaches, administrators.

Big picture
Big picture

Click HERE for details and to register for this five-part virtual series.

ELA JMT Leadership Team - Creating Success Criteria Aligned to Learning Intentions

Webcast: Aligning the Intended, Enacted, and Assessed Curriculum Chunk 3: Creating Success Criteria Aligned to Learning Intentions.

As we continue down the path from intended to learned curriculum, it is important to note where we have already been. We have addressed what students should know and be able to do by prioritizing and operationalizing the standards. Additionally, we have begun to set the foundation for the enacted curriculum by translating the jargon of the standards into clarified learning intentions for the students - these "provide guidance to the teacher about what to teach, help learners be aware of what they should learn...and form the basis for assessing what the students have learnt” (Hattie, 2009, p. 162-163).

To further flesh out the enacted curriculum, we are going to create success criteria, aligned to the clearly developed learning intentions, that will clearly articulate "what we [instructors] are looking for...what is the criteria for judging whether the learning intention has been achieved.” (Hattie, 2009 as cited in Ainsworth, 2015, p. 63).

This professional learning will provide district, building, teacher leaders, and teachers with the necessary process and models to continue the curricular work started with prioritizing standards, operationalizing standards, and deriving learning intentions from standards. This Webcast and supporting slides are primarily based on the work of Larry Ainsworth who has employed this process over twenty-plus years of action research.

This is an ongoing professional learning opportunity. Participants may register and complete this session anytime through August 31, 2020 (at your convenience).

Participants should:

  1. Enroll in this online learning opportunity - Click HERE.
  2. Copy and paste the following Loom link into a new webpage: https://bit.ly/2Bv4DyN
  3. Watch the Webcast.
  4. Click on the CTLE button after you watch the Webcast and complete the survey.
  5. Participants will receive CTLE credit once the survey has been reviewed.