McDaniel Memo

Friday, January 23rd



This week we talked about how characters, settings, and events can help up determine the theme (over all message) of a book or story. We also enjoyed reading about Martin Luther King Jr.

*Today your child will bring home a packet and be asked to begin some light research on a past president. Each child will have a different one on which to report. We will spend next week looking through books and also spend time on Monday in the computer lab researching. Please don't fill out the entire packet over the weekend, maybe just a few to give them a start. We will be producing an interactive lap book project to hang in the hall for February.


We are working on our animal stories. The focus this week has been trying to develop the character's problem. Please ask your child where they are in their story writing process.

We are also working on our paragraph writing. We will write a paragraph each week to improve this skill. Items needed in a paragraph: topic sentence ( a hook to grab the readers' attention), details with support, and a closing sentence.


Prepositions will remain our focus for next week.


We will end chapter 6 on Monday with a test on Tuesday. We will work on the study guide in class on Monday.

Part A for mastery in chapter 6 will consist of:

-drawing and naming a quadrangle

-knowing the difference between parallel lines and intersecting lines

-lines of symmetry

-identifying several solids

-shading in a hundreds grid and naming the decimal

Chapter 7 will cover of patterns in multiplication.


We are in the middle of our Sound and Light unit in science. We have learned how sounds are made, how sounds can be changed, and how sounds move. Important terms in this chapter are : vibrations, pitch, energy, sound wave.

The second section will be on light.

Valentine's Day Boxes and Party

Please be on the lookout for a paper coming home describing our procedure for Valentine's Day boxes. Also, an email will be coming soon to my party volunteers. I will actually be out on our party day. My husband and I will be traveling to Jamaica for the long weekend. :-)

Dates to Remember


Thursday the 29th- Candid yearbook photos

Friday the 30th- Pajama Day

Friday the 30th- Home Writing Journals are due (you can find this on my Canvas page

under files if you need another copy.


Thursday the 5th- Zionsville History

Friday the 13th- Valentine's Day parties- Mrs. McDaniel will not be here this day

Monday the 16th- No School

Tuesday the 17th- Staff Development Day

Friday the 27th- Backwards Clothes Day