Youth Election Assistant Program

A Program through the Municipality of Anchorage

Who Can Be a Youth Election Assistant?

A Youth Election Assistant must:
  • be a high school student in good standing.
  • be 16 years of age.
  • be U.S. citizens who are able to work a 14-hour day.
  • have written permission from a parent or legal guardian, as well as from their principal.
  • attend a two-hour class by the Municipal Clerk's Office that provides instruction on how to do the job under the supervision of an Election Precinct Chair.
  • not have a conviction for fraud or election offenses.
  • not be a close relative of any candidate on the ballot.

What Does a Youth Election Assistant Do?

Youth Election Assistants will:
  • help voters cast their ballots and ensure that elections are fair and honest.
  • gain knowledge about their local government.
  • meet interesting people.
  • get paid for attending the mandatory training.
  • be compensated for their work done on Election Day.

How Do I Apply?

For more information and to get an application, visit:

Look on the right side of the page directly underneath the "How Can I Help You?" box.

You can also contact:

Municipal Clerk - Election Office

Municipality of Anchorage

City Hall

632 W 6th Avenue #250

Anchorage, AK 99501

343-4376 or 343-4311